Campsite Ain

How to find a campsite in the department of Ain?

Discover the heritage treasures of the Ain department, through a selection of its remarkable sites open to the public. Museums, churches, castles, ponds, lakes, and various marshes will reveal you their secrets. Depending on your requirements and your needs, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping will be delighted!

What to visit in the department of Ain?

The department of Ain is divided into 4 distinct territories: the Pays de Gex, the Dombes, the Bugey and the Bresse.
The Pays de Gex is only 5 minutes away from Geneva. This is where the Jura mountains meet, with many peaks and valleys. Hiking, mountain biking, but also snowshoeing spots are numerous, as the Pays de Gex is so rich in natural landscapes. The Jura Regional Nature Park, the Haute Chaîne du Jura National Nature Reserve, the Bidonnes marsh or the Cessy lake to discover the natural heritage of the Pays de Gex to mention a few, are some of the spots to visit for such activities! While passing through the Ain and more precisely in the country of Gex, we also advise you to visit Fort l'Ecluse, a real military vestige ready to tell you its history, as well as the town of Divonne les Bains, a famous spa resort.
The Dombes is mainly characterized by its thousands of ponds that extend over 10,000 hectares. In addition to being the first "region" producing fish from ponds, the Dombes contains a preserved fauna and flora, such as breeding birds and migratory birds such as the black stork and heron. La Dombes also has a number of buildings to visit, such as Chatillon sur Chalaronne, labelled as "the most beautiful detour in France".
La Bugey in the Ain is an ideal destination for a holiday in the countryside and for nature lovers. The Burgey is particularly rich in forests, waterfalls and water points. The landscapes are particularly diversified and make Ain a destination for green tourism with its lake of Nantua, its waterfall of Glandieu or its Plateau de Retord.
La Bresse owes its reputation to its famous Bresse chickens, all-white plumage poultry, which have made the Ain famous! But Bresse is also a particularly authentic territory of the Ain, punctuated by numerous stone villages and Bresse farms.
While passing through the Ain, we also advise you to visit the town of Oyonnax, famous in the field of plastics processing, as well as Trévoux, an authentic village only twenty kilometres from Lyon.
The apothecary of Bourg en Bresse and the Copper Factory of Cerdon are also worth a visit.
If you're into sports, you will be seduced by the Col de la Faucilles, ideal for hiking and cross-country skiing in winter, as well as by the mid-altitude ski resort: the Vattay resort!

When to go to the department of Ain?

The Ain is characterised by a semi-continental climate. This means that four distinct seasons follow one another to constitute a climatic year. Winters are cold with harsh weather conditions, while summers are hot and humid. The beginning of autumn is particularly pleasant for a visit!

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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