Campsite Haute-Saône

How to find a campsite in the department of Haute-Saône

Located between the Vosges mountains in the north and the Jura mountains in the south, Haute-Saône is an important wooded region in France. Its many rivers are a real paradise for freshwater sports enthusiasts and its ponds bring a real note of freshness while being surrounded by greenery. In order to quickly find your campsite in this specific region of France, we recommend that you do it as early as possible by going on the HomeCamper website. You will be able to discover all the offers available in the Haute-Saône from HomeCamper hosts who will offer you the opportunity to stay directly with the locals while preserving the camping spirit!

What to visit in the department of Haute-Saône

Haute-Saône is, as said, an ideal destination for green tourism. The department has very rich and diverse landscapes, such as forests, meadows, marshes or peat bogs. More than 2000 km of rivers run through the department and make the Haute-Saône a popular place for water sports (especially kayaking). There are many farms - mainly for rapeseed and cereals.
The "ballon de Servance" and its 1216 metres of altitude contain exceptional places such as the Bravouse plateau or the Glacier Valley of Miellin. We recommend you to take the marked walk of the Sabot de Frotey nature reserve or to stroll in Echenoz la Meline towards the cave of Solborde. Vesoul, the capital of the department, offers a rich and preserved heritage, particularly in the old city with period buildings. The church of Saint Georges, its English garden or its many markets are waiting to be visited. Just 3km from the city centre, Lake Vesoul-Vaivre offers a calm and tranquil landscape. The beautiful village of Pesmes is also worth a visit, as it is very rich in monuments such as chapels, wash houses and fountains.
Haute-Saône also contains several castles, including the best preserved in the Franche-Comté region: the 12th century castle of Oricourt. We also recommend the castle of Bougey built over the centuries, the castle of Villersexel classified as a historical monument, the private castle of Gy or that of Pusy and Epenoux.

When to go to the department of Haute-Saône

The climate in and around the Haute-Saône department is oceanic and pretty mild. You can visit the area pretty much all year long, but we would advise you to leave during the warmer months of the year, preferably from June to August!

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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