Campsite Haute-Corse

How to find a campsite in North Corsica?

If you are a nature lover and a sporty person, North Corsica is an ideal destination for your holidays. However, you should know that this destination is very touristy and that the campgrounds offered by HomeCamper run out very quickly. We therefore recommend that you contact HomeCamper's hosts in North Corsica in advance in order to be able to benefit from a wide choice of accommodation for your stay on this Isle of Beauty.

What to visit in North Corsica?

North Corsica is a destination where you won't get bored, and you won't likely see time go by. We suggest you discover here which are the most interesting visits for your stay on the island. First of all, Sant-Antonio is a magnificent perched village in Balagne, but also one of the oldest villages in all of Corsica. You will be able to discover local craft shops and benefit from an exceptional geographical location. Indeed, you can admire the coastline and take wonderful pictures in this part of North Corsica. Calvi is another destination to visit in North Corsica, especially for its fortifications, old houses, cathedral and magnificent 6 km long beach where you can relax. For all lovers of nature and hiking, the Corsican Regional Natural Park welcomes you to its 350,510 hectares. A small corner of paradise famous for its hiking trails. Of course, don't forget to visit the famous city of Bastia where art and history are present. The old town has been preserved in its authentic state, which is very charming. It is also a very lively city with many café terraces and a very popular flea market every Sunday morning.

When to go to North Corsica?

The most favourable months of the year for staying in North Corsica are those between April and November. This allows you to choose a departure date according to your availability. If you wish to swim, we recommend that you leave between June and September so that the water temperature is pleasant.

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