Campsite Haute-Marne

How to find a campsite in the department of Haute-Marne?

A major centre for basketry and cutlery, Haute-Marne, located in the south-east of the Champagne-Ardenne region, preserves, in addition to its ancestral know-how, an important historical and architectural heritage that bears witness to past centuries. Famous figures such as Charles de Gaulle and the philosophers Voltaire and Diderot, to name a couple, have left their mark on it. Depending on your requirements and your needs, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping will be delighted!

What to visit in the department of Haute-Marne?

Haute-Marne is a department where history has left its mark. From the Gallo-Roman villa of Andilly to the remains of the Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles, Haute-Marne has many buildings and historical remains of all kinds.
The Tumulus of the site of Fort Bevaux, which is in fact a Neolithic necropolis or the dolmen "la Pierre Alot", are worth seeing.
The 4,000-year-old Menhir de la Haute Borne in Montagne-du-Châtelet is also one of the more unusual visits to make!
Many dovecotes and laundries also dot the department, giving it a touch of authenticity.
Many historical buildings, such as castles or even churches, are among the most important in the region. Thus, the 16th century castles of Dinteville and Pailly are worth a visit. Château Jaune de Chevillon, now a media library, surprises, especially with its beautiful medieval garden. The Château de Cirey and the Château du Grand Jardin are worth a visit.
The city of Langres is one of the fifty most beautiful cities in France.
The city shines with its 3km of ramparts, as well as its 7 towers and 7 gates! Its beautiful 12th century church, the cathedral of Saint Mammès, is not to be missed.
Haute-Marne also promises beautiful hikes, since the department has a total of 104 circuits!
The "Lac du Der" offers many water sports activities. The lakes of the Langres region (Lake Lize, Lake Charmes, Lake Mouche and Lake Vingeanne) promise beautiful moments by the water.
Finally, the Bannie Animal Park also offers beautiful outdoor walks on its 102 hectares where fallow deer, goats and hinds roam freely!

When to go to the department of Haute-Marne?

The climate of the department is oceanic and fairly mild. You can visit the area pretty much all year long, but we would advise you to leave during the warmer months of the year!

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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