Campsite Aisne

How to find a campsite in the department of Aisne?

The Aisne is a region renowned for the amount of monuments there are to visit. We'll break the most important places down for you to know where to go if you pass through this department! Depending on your needs, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before by welcoming you to their beautiful gardens. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping will be delighted!

What to do in the department of Aisne?

The remains of Coucy Castle, a 13th century castle in ruins since the World War I, are worth visiting.
The medieval fortress of the Dukes of Guise or the abbey of Jean des Vignes de Soissons are also worth seeing.
The 19th century Fort Condé, in the shape of a pentagon and capable of accommodating nearly 650 men, as well as the Dragon Cave, bear witness to the department's military past.
Indeed, the Dragon's Cave was used as a military station during the First World War. A chapel, a well or a "hospital" had then been set up. The visit of this underground is undoubtedly a must visit!
Two other cultural visits are not to be missed in the Aisne:
The museum of barbaric times traces life in the Merovingian era. Many discoveries are presented there, such as the lid of a sarcophagus. Reconstructions, such as that of a farm or a necropolis, as well as many shows, take us back a few centuries.
The Jean de la Fontaine Museum welcomes you to the house where La Fontaine spent his childhood.
From its Notre Dame cathedral to its citadel and its perched underground passages, Laon, the capital of the Aisne, is known for the number of monuments it holds. The Soisson gate, the Ardon gate or the Morlot battery are to be discovered.
Parfondeval is a beautiful village to visit. Calm and quiet, this village is the starting point for beautiful walks and hiking routes. Its church of Saint Médard, all dressed in red bricks and its museum of yesteryear are to be explored.
The Aisne is also a hiking department, as it has nearly 2000km of paths and paths that run through the department.
Beautiful natural sites are to be discovered, such as the Blangy waterfall or the viewpoint of the California Plateau.
Lake Ailette and its nautical base Cap Aisne or Lake Monampteuil and its nautical base Axo Plage offer many leisure activities.
The troglodyte village in Bourg-et-Comin is an unusual place to see.
The Viels-Maisons gardens extend over 3 hectares, a true succession of several gardens.
Beautiful walks along the river are to be done on the river Ourcq.
Finally, the bee workshops in Chavignon which propel you into the world of these insects or the butterfly museum of St Quentin will delight adults and children alike.

When to go to the department of Aisne?

As most northern departments in France, the Aisne's climate is oceanic and knows a lot of rainfall even during rather dry periods. July and August are the most suitable months to go sightseeing in this department.

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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