Campsite Arras

How do I find a campsite near Arras?

A city with the highest density of monuments in France, Arras is located in the Hauts-de-France, in the Pas-de-Calais. The third most populated municipality in the department, behind Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer, it is located about fifteen kilometres from Lens and about forty kilometers from Lille. If you're looking for the discovery of a unique and less known city in France, Arras is the perfect destination for your trip!

What to visit in Arras?

Some monuments and sites are particularly noteworthy in Arras: its two beautiful Baroque squares (the Grand-Place and the Place des Héros), its citadel, its belfry, classified as a UNESCO heritage site, but there are a total of 255 buildings listed as historic monuments in the city, which makes it the densest city in France from this point of view!
The city was famous all over the world since the 12th century for its draperies. Also to be seen are the 75-metre high belfry, from which you can admire the city; the Saint-Vaast palace; the rue de la Taillerie with its 155 houses set on 345 sandstone columns, themselves resting on boves, chalk quarries; the citadel, one of the first created by Vauban: the former Robespierre house, which now houses the Compagnonnage Museum; the Wellington quarry, which traces the history of the Battle of Arras in 1917, with its labyrinth of underground galleries; the 150 British cemeteries; the Fine Arts Museum and many others!

When to go to Arras?

Just like most cities in northern France, you'll have better weather conditions for a visit during the summer period. The most suitable months are June, July and August. However you can plan a visit during May or during September and October to be able to avoid the mass touristy crowds!

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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