Campsite Eure

How to find a campsite in Eure?

Surrounded by the departments of Oise, Val-d'Oise, Seine-Maritime, Yvelines, Eure-et-Loire, Orne and Calvados, the department of Eure takes its name from the Eure river that flows mainly in that region. Different types of accommodation are offered to you by trusting HomeCamper whether it’s rather classic camping or unusual accommodations for the most adventurous.

What to do in Eure?

The Eure department has a well-preserved natural heritage, with a lot of green and varied landscapes.
In Léry-Poses, the "lac des Deux-Amants" covers 400 hectares and offers 2 supervised beaches as well as many water sports activities. "Lac Mesnil" extends over 65 hectares and is also ideal for outdoor activities.
The Benedictine circuit from Le Bec Hellouin, the Moulins circuit from Arnières-sur-Iton or the Four-Chaux trail in Lyons-la-Forêt offer beautiful walks and a perfect opportunity for hiking enthusiasts. Indeed, there are many circuits in the Eure and they are ideal for the whole family.
The Montfort national forest offers a vast chunk of nature to discover by taking the different paths and roads available, for example the Sequoias path.
About twenty kilometres from Rouen, the Grande Noé ornithological reserve is the home of many different species of birds such as herons and cormorants that can be observed up close there.
About forty kilometres from Rouen, two masterpieces of nature stand proudly, defying time: these are the thousand-year-old Ifs de la Haye de Routot.
The Eure's has natural heritage is undeniable. However, its historical and cultural heritage is just as important.
The 17th century château de Beaumesnil, dating from the 17th century, shines with its ornate facades and beautiful interiors. Its exposed bindings are to be seen, and its gardens are absolutely worth a visit.
The city of Evreux is the most important city in the Eure. Its episcopal site includes the former episcopal palace and the 11th century church of Notre Dame, which is one of the city's highlights. The abbey church of Saint Taurin is also worth a visit. Just a few kilometres from Evreux, the Gallo-Roman villa Gisacum offers a visit steeped in history on 250 hectares.
The beautiful village of Bec Hellouin in France is worth visiting, with its abbey Notre-Dame-du-Bec, its monastery Sainte Françoise and its church Saint-André.
Lyons-la-Forêt, also a beautiful village in France and located about forty kilometres from Rouen, impresses with its beautiful half-timbered houses and its town hall (with a dungeon!) that can be visited.
The village of Pont-Audemer reminds us of a small Venice, a pleasant village that we can only advise you to visit during your trip.

When to go to Eure?

The Eure is located in a region that knows a lot of rainfall throughout the year, and this department is no exception to that. However we can only advise you to try and plan your trip between the months of June and October.
Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences in Normandie!

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