Campsite Caen

How do I find a campground near the city of Caen?

Capital of Basse-Normandie, Caen is also the city of the Dukes of Normandy. Despite the bombings of June 1944, the city of Art and History has preserved a beautiful architectural heritage! In order for you to be able to choose the best suited accommodation for your needs, we suggest that you quickly get in touch with the hosts on HomeCamper. If you want to spend your stay directly with the locals of the area who can share their knowledge of the region with you, don't hesitate to book your stay in advance!

What to visit in the city of Caen?

Located in the department of Calvados in northwestern France, Caen has a population of about 107,000.
Its closeness to the landing beaches or to renowned seaside resorts such as Deauville or Cabourg, and its own cultural richness make it an attractive city for travellers. In the city, you can travel by bus or tramway, as well as by bicycle thanks to a bicycle-sharing system. You will be able to discover many green spaces in the city, some of which are classified: this is the case of the Michel d'Ornano park or the Jardin des Plantes.
Several monuments and historical sites will certainly interest the traveller: Examples include the Memorial to the Battle of Normandy with its Nobel Peace Prize Gallery; the Renaissance-style Escoville Hotel, which houses the Tourist Office; and the Church of Saint Peter, built in the 12th century, remarkable for its ornamentation; the Abbey of Men, built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, and mixing Romanesque and Gothic styles; the Abbey of Ladies built by Queen Mathilde, which is a counterpart to the previous building, with its magnificent crypt and its 16 columns supporting vaulted ceilings; the Castle, hosting the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Normandy. It should be added that Caen is also a lively and dynamic city, with many shops and boutiques ten minutes from the beaches! An excellent choice for a weekend that will combine relaxation and culture.

When to go to the city of Caen?

The city of Caen, whose location is slightly set back from the Normandy coast, enjoys an oceanic climate. This means very mild days in winter and pleasantly comfortable temperatures in summer. But as in Rouen, the rains, spread over the whole year, strongly influence the quality of Caen's climate over the seasons.

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