Campsite Corrèze

How to find a campsite in Corrèze?

For all lovers of nature, Corrèze is an ideal destination. Quickly find your campground directly on HomeCamper. Whether it is a classic or original accommodation, the hosts in Corrèze will be happy to provide you with their offer to accommodate you on HomeCamper. Directly hosted by the locals, you will enjoy all the advantages of outdoor accommodation.

What to visit in Corrèze?

Corrèze is certainly a privileged destination for all nature lovers, but you can also take advantage of various visits in the region to enhance your stay. Collonges la Rouge is a city where most of the buildings are red, which is the main attraction of the city. That's why every year, Collonges la Rouge welcomes many visitors. Between the distillery of walnut liqueur, the Maison de la sirène or the church of Saint-Pierre, various visits are available to you. The Aigle dam is also a historical visit, as it was built during the Second World War. Very impressive this dam retains the water of the Dordogne. The village of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne is also a recommended destination, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heart of a medieval city typical of the Périgord. The sun is present all year round at this place in Corrèze. Many architectural treasures are present, including the old town, a beautiful Romanesque church and the remains of the Benedictine monastery, which you will have the chance to admire. A botanical park is also open to the public. How can we not mention Brive-la-Gaillarde? This city is emblematic and is notably the most touristic city in the whole of Corrèze. Not only does it have a rich historical heritage, but you can also enjoy the mild countryside of Corrèze near the city to relax during your stay.

When to go to Corrèze?

If you wish to stay in Corrèze, be aware that the sun is generally present throughout the year. However, rainfall is higher in this region than in the rest of France. For this reason, we advise you to leave between May and September.

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