Campsite Dordogne

How to find a campsite in the Dordogne?

For a stay in the heart of the countryside and for a rich discovery of a historical heritage, the Dordogne is an ideal destination for your holidays. By booking a few days in advance on HomeCamper, you can easily find your campsite in the area. Different stops are offered by HomeCamper's hosts according to your desires, whether it is a simple camping ground for your camper or unusual accommodation in a caravan for example.

What to visit in the Dordogne?

Going to the Dordogne guarantees you to discover new landscapes where man has been able to write his history. Between castles and fortresses, many visits await you. First of all, why not visit the castle of Castelnaud. On a hill, this magnificent fortress dominates the Dordogne and you can visit its war museum with 250 different weapons, but also the 15 different rooms of the castle. During the summer, shooting demonstrations are also organized to immerse you directly in a medieval era. Many beautiful towns and villages also await you in the Dordogne. One can mention Sarlat, a medieval city spared by the Vikings. Narrow, cobbled streets will take you back in time. Visit also its Benedictine abbey, unique in the whole region. Why not stop by Monpazier for a little while? With 32 listed monuments, your day is likely to be full of discoveries. Very attractive and charming, we appreciate the atmosphere that emerges from this village. Beynac-et-Cazenac is also a medieval village in the Dordogne which will dazzle you thanks to its immense fortress overlooking the city. This castle is waiting to be visited, and impresses all visitors, both inside and out. Finally, La Roche-Gageac is also a destination not to be missed where you can immerse yourself in a setting of high rocks and green forests. The village is located at the foot of a large cliff and will allow you to enjoy a breathtaking spectacle.

When to go to the Dordogne?

The Dordogne is a destination where tourists go all year round. You can therefore enjoy the various visits from January to December. However, we do not recommend going to the Dordogne between November and February because these are the coolest and rainiest months of the year. Summer is particularly pleasant with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees.

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