Campsite Limoges-Cité

How to find a camping ground in Limoges?

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What to visit in Limoges?

Capital of the Fire arts, Limoges is a city where there are many possible visits. First, we recommend you start with the visit of the St. Peter Basilica where you will discover the gothic art. This church is one of the oldest in Limoges, but it was rebuilt several times and has a real history. The remains of Augustoritum in Limoges were a town formerly founded by Emperor Augustus. Accessible to the public, this site allows you to discover an ancient Gallo-Roman city. The Saint-Étienne Cathedral of Limoges is a true symbol for the city. It’s true that this building is very pleasant to look at, but it must be known that its construction lasted all the same six centuries. The Saint-Étienne Bridge was built in 1210 and consists of 8 arches in broken arcs. The latter is still used at present by the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela. Know that this bridge is only pedestrian and that it offers you a nice stroll in the heart of Limoges. The bishopric's gardens are located at the foot of the cathedral and allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Vienne and the Saint-Étienne Bridge. In the heart of this place is also a botanical garden of two hectares that will not fail to seduce all lovers of botany. 

When to go to Limoges?

To take full advantage of the city of Limoges, ​in a favorable time, we recommend you leave between the months of May and September. Of course, the months of July and August are the most frequented by tourists, it is up to you to choose.