Campsite Lozère

How to find a campsite in the department of Lozère?

A paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility, Lozère, the former province of Gévaudan, located in the heart of the Massif Central, is home to exceptional landscapes, both varied and preserved, making hiking lovers happy. Punctuated by picturesque villages and hamlets, Aubrac, Margeride, the gorges of the Tarn and Jonte, the Causses and the Cévennes, are all large wild and authentic areas to explore on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, along the countless paths and paths that the Lozère offers. In order to quickly find your campsite in this region of France, we recommend that you do it as early as possible by going on the HomeCamper website. You will be able to discover all the offers available in the Creuse from HomeCamper hosts who will offer you the opportunity to stay directly with the locals while preserving the camping spirit!

What to visit in the department of Lozère?

The gorges of the Tarn are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Lozère
The lakes and ponds line the Lozère, with the great Naussac lake covering a large area, or the Aubrac lakes, which have glacial origins. Waterfalls such as the Runes waterfalls or the Deroc waterfall are also worth seeing. The Abime de Bramabiau and its 11 km of gallery plunges us into a mysterious world underground.
Animal lovers will love the European Bison Reserve, located in Saint Eulalie. Lozère also has the famous Gévaudan Wolf Park and the Vulture House, the site where the species was reintroduced.
Lozère is also a sporting destination, with its ski resorts in the winter, and these white water sports during the sunny days. The department also offers beautiful walks for hiking or horseback riding!
We also advise you to see the Vase de Sèvre, and its strange limestone landscapes as well as the Chaos de Nîmes the old, just as mysterious.
Furthermore, Lozère is a department rich in history. The megalithic sites are particularly numerous, and make the department the place in Europe where the concentration of menhirs and Dolmen is the strongest. The department has 150 menhirs in particular! Archaeology lovers will also love the mausoleum of Lanuejos. Religious buildings such as many churches and castles (including the castle of Tournel or the ruins of the castle of Luc) or medieval cities (such as the fortified ramparts of Le Villard) also constitute the historical heritage of Lozère.
We also advise you to visit the beautiful village of La Garde Guerin or the cave village of Castelbouc.

When to go to the department of Lozère?

With an oceanic climate, the weather is pretty mild in the department of Lozère during most of the year. If you can't stand the high heat and big crowds of people, avoid the months of July and August, although they are the warmest months in the area through the year. However, the months of May and June is an excellent choice to visit the whole department allowing you to discover this specific part of southern France in complete tranquility!

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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