Campsite Loire-Atlantique

How to find a campsite in the Loire-Atlantique?

If you want to discover the western parts of France, the Loire-Atlantique department is a very good place to begin your journey with. Located in the Pays de la Loire region, the department hides some of the most unique sightings of the country, and HomeCamper is here to help you find the perfect outdoor garden to stay in! The HomeCamper hosts of the region will be stoked to welcome you into their gardens.

What to visit in the Loire-Atlantique?

Loire-Atlantique is a department with a strong cultural identity: very Brittany influenced, although Loire-Atlantique is located in Pays de Loire and not in specifically in the Brittany region. The department is an ideal destination for a holiday in the countryside and for lovers of unspoilt landscapes. The Grand Dieu lake is worth seeing, as it is the largest French lake, with its 4000 to 6000 hectares of surface area depending on the season! Ornithology and bird watching lovers will also love the lake even more considering it holds a lot of various bird species. For holidaymakers looking for more nature, we also recommend the Gavre forest for beautiful walks in the midst of nature.
The Loire-Atlantique is also a department of history, with all of the castles in the department forming part of a considerable heritage.
During your stay in Loire-Atlantique, we advise you to visit the famous "Château des Ducs de Bretagne" in Nantes, the castle of Clisson or the castle of Chateaubriand!
There are many interesting and unique towns and villages in the Loire-Atlantique. Nantes is a particularly pleasant city. Its city center is considerably lively, even more so because of its shopping center or its atypical passage from La Pommeraye to the city centre. The Château d'Anne de Bretagne and the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre are also particularly impressive architectural sightings that must be visited. As a green city, there are many parks that are worth a look such as the Parc de Procé.

When to go to the Loire-Atlantique?

In order for you to enjoy rather warm weather during your stay in Loire-Atlantique, we recommend you to choose the months from May until September. As much as the risk is higher for you to encounter larger crowds of tourists, the temperatures will be more suitable and there will be less risk of important rainfalls during that period.

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