Campsite Manosque

How to find a campsite in Manosque?

In the heart of Provence, Manosque ensures you a very natural holiday. If you want to stay in Manosque, we recommend that you quickly find your campsite on HomeCamper. All the hosts are available to offer you their garden or their unusual accommodation for your stay, allowing you to save a lot on your holiday budget!

What to visit in Manosque?

A dynamic city, Manosque is located at an altitude of 385 metres between the sea and the mountains. This way, you won't be bored while staying in Manosque. As a city filled with heritage, it is a perfect destination if you want to travel back in time and are interested in history. Various sites welcome you, including the Gaude mine in the northeast of the city where there was a mining operation until 1965. Born in Manosque, the famous writer Jean Giono invites you to visit his native house where he spent his youth at 14 rue Grande. The church of Saint Sauveur and its bell tower invite you to discover a Gothic period of the place. Nature is also a very important part of tourism in Manosque. The Bellevue paths take you along the trails, which allow you to discover a 360° panorama of the entire city. If you wish, you can also discover the 5 hills that surround the city of Manosque and enjoy magnificent landscapes on the old town. The hill of Mont d'Or will allow you to discover the remains of a castle while the hill of Toutes Aures is the meeting place for all the manosquins for various events organized throughout the year. The hill of Les Espels gives you the opportunity to enjoy an original itinerary above the restanques. You can also visit the Vannades lake, a favourite among sport-oriented destinations if you want to be more physical throughout your stay, but also enjoy a supervised swim from June to mid-September. Lake de la Forestière is particularly recommended for fishermen.

When to go to Manosque?

With a Mediterranean climate, the city of Manosque enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year. No matter the month of the year, you can discover the region in a very mild climate. You can avoid the beginning of the year when temperatures are cooler and less suitable for camping, other than that, you're free to choose the time of year in which you want to leave for the town!

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