Campsite Istres

How to find a campsite in Istres?

Between Marseille and the Camargue, Istres is an ideal destination for all lovers of both cultural and sporting activities. If you want to stay in Istres and find a cheap campsite, we recommend that you find a host via HomeCamper. They will be happy to welcome you to Istres, and give you good tips on how to spend an unforgettable stay in the heart of nature.

What to visit in Istres by RV?

First and foremost, Istres has a totally incredible and typically Provençal historic centre. Guarantor of the history of Istres, you can choose to visit it alone or with a guide. It should be noted that the city of Istres was built thanks to this fortified historic centre. Between hills and ponds, Istres is a perfect city for all sports enthusiasts, having been elected "Most Sportsful City in France" in 1989 and in the year 2000. Also essential, we recommend you to go to the pond of the Olive Tree where you can admire its water jet more than 80 meters from the shore in the cove of Le Castellant. It should be noted that this water jet can sometimes reach 50 meters in height, thus reserving you a splendid spectacle. For family stays, we suggest you go to Dinsaur'Istres where you will have the chance to retrace the entire history of dinosaurs, from their emergence to their extinction.

When to go to Istres?

Istres is a city with a Mediterranean climate, meaning that winters are mild and summers are lime, which is quite an advantage. The best months to visit Istres are between May and October. Let's not forget that Istres is a very popular tourist destination during the summer season!

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