Campsite La Ciotat

How to find a campsite in La Ciotat?

La Ciotat is a perfect destination if you want to easily find a campsite on HomeCamper. Indeed, many hosts offer to rent you their garden in a small corner of paradise in the heart of France. A small town typical of the south of France, La Ciotat is a true emblem that symbolizes the Mediterranean charm and culture. Between sea and nature, you will be completely disoriented, and you can therefore find your campsite by the sea or in the wilder part of La Ciotat, immersed in the heart of the flora.

What to visit in La Ciotat?

If you wish to stay in La Ciotat, it is interesting to know what you can visit. L'île Verte is a small island located in front of the Bec de l'Aigle. Of very small size, the island overlooks the sea by only 50 metres and you can discover the remains of an old fort, magnificent views of the sea, as well as a very wild space. Indeed, this island can be visited, but it is completely uninhabited. We recommend this place for all those who wish to picnic or enjoy swimming in peace and quiet. The calanques de la Ciotat are located near the Bec de l'Aigle. Among these, we can mention in particular the Calanque du Mugel which does not fail to seduce with its ochre colours. If you enjoy the walk, you can stroll through the old centre of La Ciotat with its old port, its industrial port too, and a crazy charm with its small streets. You can discover houses that sometimes date back to the 15th century. Do not hesitate to take your evening walk, you will be able to discover a nocturnal atmosphere typical of the south.

When to go to La Ciotat?

The activities you wish to carry out will guide your choice of departure date. Indeed, if you want to enjoy the joys of the sea, it will be necessary that the weather is favourable, and you should therefore leave during the summer season. In any case, the climate is temperate all year round, but you can enjoy pretty warm weather from May to October.

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