Camping in and around Marseille

Discover the Charm of Marseille with a Homecamping Trip

When it comes to finding a campsite in Marseille, look no further than HomeCamper. Our hosts are excited to welcome you to the city and offer unique and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine waking up in your campervan with a direct view of the sparkling blue waters - it's a little slice of heaven. And for the adventurous travelers, HomeCamper also offers unconventional accommodations to truly break away from your daily routine and experience something new!

Explore Marseille's Rich History and Culture

Marseille is a vibrant and bustling port city located in the south of France that promises an abundance of things to see and do. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets of the city and explore the hidden gems that are tucked away from the main tourist hotspots. One of the must-see attractions in Marseille is the bustling fish market that opens its doors at 9am. This is the perfect place to snap some pictures and truly capture the history and spirit of the city.

For a dose of culture and history, head to the Musée MuCEM Saint-Jean, which offers a wide range of rotating exhibitions and treasures. You'll find everything from pieces of the Berlin wall to models of the city itself. To recharge and relax, make sure to visit the oldest district of Marseille, "le Panier," known for its charming streets, picturesque buildings and the famous French TV series "Plus belle la vie" was filmed.

No visit to Marseille would be complete without a visit to Notre-Dame de la Garde, a symbol of the city that offers a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city, including the Mediterranean Sea. Take a leisurely walk around the city and discover the many hidden gems that Marseille has to offer. With its rich history, culture and stunning views, Marseille is a city that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul.

Here are some additional things to do in Marseille that we have not touched upon:

  • Visit the Parc des Calanques: Located just outside of Marseille, the Parc des Calanques offers a stunning natural landscape of rugged cliffs, crystal-clear coves and turquoise waters. Take a hike or rent a kayak to explore the park's hidden coves and beaches.
  • Visit the Jardin des Vestiges: This unique garden is located in the heart of Marseille and is built on the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Massalia. The garden features a collection of Roman and Greek artifacts, including mosaics and statues.
  • Take a Boat Tour: One of the best ways to experience Marseille is from the water. Take a boat tour to explore the city's coastline, including its famous calanques and the Château d'If, a 16th-century island fortress.
  • Discover the Street Art of Marseille: Marseille is known for its vibrant street art scene. Take a walk through the city's neighborhoods to discover colorful murals and graffiti art by local and international artists.
  • Explore the Parc Borély, a large park located on the outskirts of Marseille that offers a wide range of activities such as a botanical garden, a lake and a museum of decorative arts.
  • Visit the Saint-Victor Abbey, which is located in the heart of Marseille and offers a glimpse of the city's religious history and features a wide range of ancient artifacts and frescoes.
  • Take a walk along the Corniche, a beautiful coastal road that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Marseille.
  • Visit the Château de la Buzine, a beautiful castle located on the outskirts of Marseille that offers a glimpse of the city's medieval history and features a wide range of artifacts and frescoes.

Plan Your Trip for the Perfect Weather

When it comes to planning your homecamping trip to Marseille, one thing to consider is the weather. With a Mediterranean climate, Marseille boasts mild and sunny weather for much of the year, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. However, during the winter months of December, January, and February, temperatures can drop and the weather can be less favorable. If you're not a fan of the heat, it's best to avoid visiting during the peak summer months of July and August when temperatures can soar. No matter when you decide to visit, Marseille is a city that offers something for everyone and a homecamping trip is the perfect way to experience it all. Whether you're looking to explore the city's rich history and culture, soak up the sun on the beaches, or enjoy some delicious local seafood, Marseille has it all. With a campervan, you'll have the freedom to explore the city at your own pace and take in all the sights, sounds and flavors that this vibrant port city has to offer!