Campsite Draguignan

How to find a campsite in Draguignan?

As a quiet town in the south of France, Draguignan is a slightly less touristy city compared to other spots of the same region which will nevertheless make you enjoy all the benefits of the Var! HomeCamper's hosts will be delighted to show you the best deals in the region and offer you accommodation for the night.

What to visit in Draguignan?

Located 30 minutes away from the beach, Draguignan is not a tourist destination for those who want to go to the beach every day. You can still enjoy swimming in the ponds provided for this purpose with various water activities for the whole family. Culture and heritage are very important in Draguignan. You can visit the Artillery Museum, the Museum of the Society of Scientific and Archaeological Studies, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of Moyenne Provence or the Municipal Museum. Prehistoric and Roman times are very much part of the city. Don't forget to visit the Clock Tower, one of the essential points of Draguignan's tourism. As a strongly Catholic city for many years, Draguignan has a rich religious heritage, so you can discover many chapels in the heart of the city, but also in the surrounding areas. The old town is also an essential place where you can walk between the different alleys and discover old houses, laundries or even many different squares.

When to go to Draguignan?

Since you are not going to Draguignan to enjoy the sea, you can go there between April and October. The heat is higher during the months of July and August, but you can cool down in various water points, including ponds. We do not recommend that you leave during the month of November, as it is the rainiest month and this could compromise all your visits!

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