Campsite Cavaillon

How to find a campground in Cavaillon?

Cavaillon is a quiet city, but full of history. If you want to know all about the secrets of Cavaillon, we recommend that you book your campground quickly on HomeCamper. Different offers are available to suit all budgets and needs on the HomeCamper platform. Each guest will be delighted to welcome you to their homes and offer you a new and original camping experience.

What to visit in Cavaillon?

Various visits await you in Cavaillon, allowing you to do a lot during your stay. First of all, we suggest you discover the Régalon gorges. About 15 km from the centre of Cavaillon, the Gorges du Régalon offer you a beautiful hike in the heart of wild nature. A totally spectacular walk awaits you between magnificent rocks. Some passageways are no more than one meter wide and will be part of your route. Be aware that you will only be able to access this site by foot, so be sure to wear resistent shoes. It takes you about 45 minutes to walk through the Régalon gorges. You will then have the opportunity to turn around or continue the loop back to your starting point, but you will then embark on a 5-hour hike. The Roman Arch of Cavaillon is a 1st century monument that you can now admire. Saint-Véran Cathedral also opens its doors to let you discover astonishing scenery, furniture and paintings. We also recommend that you visit the synagogue in Cavaillon. This place is one of the most remarkable in all of France. Located in the heart of the former Jewish quarter, this synagogue now includes a Jewish museum.

When to go to Cavaillon?

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, temperatures in Cavaillon are mild all year round. We recommend that you leave between June and September. In any case, avoid the months of November to April when rain is oftentimes present.

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