Campsite Orange

How do I find a camping site in Orange? 

Hottest city in France, Orange is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy very pleasant temperatures during their stay. In order to find easily where to stay while staying at Orange, the hosts of HomeCamper offer you different types of accommodations, some more classic and some more original. By trusting HomeCamper, it is the insurance for you to be able to choose your accommodation with confidence, and save on your budget for your holidays. 

What to visit in Orange? 

If you like to participate in events, we recommend that you go to Orange during the summer to enjoy the festival of classical music and opera. This event takes place in the ancient theatre of Orange. An original way to discover a style of music in an exceptional setting. If you enjoy the historical tours, you will not be disappointed by all the wonders that offers you the city of Orange. The Arc de Triomphe is one of the World Heritage List of Europe. Of course, we recommend you visit the Ancient theatre of Orange, a landmark of the city. Very well preserved, this theatre is part of UNESCO's World heritage. Very impressive, this monument has since 2006, a glass roof that allows you to immerse yourself in the past, as if you were actually in ancient Rome. The Museum of Art and History of Orange gathers all the excavations that have been carried out in the Roman sites of the city. You will be able to discover the whole story of Orange Throughout your visit. The old Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth is also a visit not to be missed. Having lost its title of cathedral, it is still a place not to be missed with its romanesque portal, its historical motifs and its beautiful murals. 

When to go to Orange? 

In order to visit Orange, with a favorable weather, we advise you to leave between the months of May and October. Indeed, it is specially at this time of the year that the sun makes its great return. Since it is the hottest city in the France, we recommend that you avoid the summer season if you do not tolerate the high heats, as the temperatures adjacent quickly 40 degrees.