Camping North Rhine-Westphalia

While North Rhine-Westphalia is home to many popular attractions, such as the city of Cologne and the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, there are also many underrated activities and visits that are worth exploring while traveling with a camper in this region.

One underrated destination in North Rhine-Westphalia is the city of Münster, known for its beautiful old town, charming canals, and bike-friendly streets. In addition to its many cultural and historical attractions, such as the Münster Cathedral and the Westphalian State Museum, Münster is also home to a vibrant arts scene and a lively nightlife.

Another underrated destination in the region is the Sauerland, a beautiful area in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park known for its picturesque lakes and forests. The Sauerland is a great destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and water sports. It is also home to many charming small towns and villages, such as Winterberg and Willingen, that are perfect for exploring on a camper trip.

If you're interested in history and culture, be sure to visit the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, which is dedicated to the history of human evolution and the Neanderthal people who lived in the region. You can also visit the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne, which features a collection of Roman artifacts and art from the region.

For a more relaxing outdoor experience, visit one of the region's many thermal baths and spas, such as the Wutach Thermal Baths and the Mediterana Spa.

Of course, no trip to North Rhine-Westphalia would be complete without trying some of the region's delicious cuisine. Be sure to try some local specialties, such as Himmel un Äd (a type of potato and kale dish), Rheinischer Sauerbraten (a type of marinated beef), and Kölsch (a type of beer).

Overall, North Rhine-Westphalia is a diverse and beautiful region with something for everyone. While it is home to many popular attractions, there are also many underrated activities and visits that are worth exploring when traveling with a camper in this charming part of Germany.

North Rhine-Westphalia