Campsite England

How to find a campsite in England ?

Discovering England by going camping is a great way to do so. HomeCamper offers you the possibility to do it in an even more original way! Forget about traditional camping and try going in our hosts’ gardens. Find the perfect place for you on HomeCamper.

What can I visit in England ?

Let’s start with a UNESCO protected site; the lake district, it is a region in the north west of England. It has numerous lakes and a mountainous panorama. Another magical place is south Dorset. You’ll discover the old trackway and will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view on the ridge. Then there are cities that you have to visit such as London, obviously, Liverpool, Cambridge, Bristol and Brighton and its peer. If you are going for a beach vacation, you can also visit Cornwall and its breathtaking sceneries. We could keep going on, but the list would be so long, so let’s end on this note: there are plenty of places to visit and on your journey, you’ll find a HomeCamper host, so hop on the adventure.

When can I go in England ?

The two summer mouths are the perfect time to go in England, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and the warm weather. In summer you’ll also enjoy a lot of festivals all around England! If you want to avoid peak season because you’d like to visit without being around too much crowd you can consider going in May, June, September or October.


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