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  • Animals welcome
  • Drinking water
  • Barbecue
  • Electricity
  • Independent toilets
  • Independent dry toilets
  • Wireless internet
  • Internet
  • Independent shower
  • Independent solar shower
  • Independent kitchen
  • Independent fridge
  • Naturism allowed
  • Bicycle storage
  • Parking onsite
  • Picnic table
  • Campfire allowed
  • Independent access
  • Shops
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A place to live with an ecological vocation, in the peaceful valley of the Beaume, in the Cevennes of Ardèche.
A small paradise of nature to share with you, on the grounds of our old farm, feet in the water.

The setting

A 10 hectare plot of land crossed by two abundant rivers, inhabited by an old stone building from the XVIIIth century as no one does anymore.
This place with its omnipresent nature still amazes us every day, the dream of a lifetime.

The spots

There is something for everyone, by the river, under the cherry trees or in the forest, close to the common areas or isolated and intimate.
For more comfort, we can also accommodate you in our unusual hut on the river bank.

The sanitary facilities

Independent sanitary facilities, entirely built with recycled materials, are available in the camping area.
The toilets are dry and the shower with hot water.

The amenities

A barbecue and a table are available.
A kitchenette with hotplates and a fridge is available.

The activities

Of course, there is the river.
And then, many hikes starting from the farm, towards the Cevennes valleys or the Tanargue massif.
The valley of the Beaume is full of places, each more beautiful than the other.
You can also visit the fortified town of Largentière, the Chauvet cave or the Pont de l'Arc if you like the world and canoeing.
A horse riding center is located a few kilometers away.
We particularly recommend the Beaumont market at 5pm in the summer: regional products and breathtaking views.
In the same way, the market of Laboule ends with evening meals/concerts.

Other things

In addition to the notions of sharing, tolerance and freedom that we wish to convey, this project also has a slightly militant side, and wishes to distance itself from the omnipresence of money in our society.
Through this project, we hope to give back to man his place in nature, in a context of freedom and respect of others, at a time when these are drastically reduced by politics or religion.
Among other things, we have decided that the practice of naturism would be free, without being obligatory.


This ecological place advocates freedom and "living well together".
In this sense, we thank you for not leaving any waste, respecting the calm of the place and the other campers.

Also, since naturism is free, we ask everyone, dressed or not, to be open-minded and respect the choice of each one.


Tent ready

Tent 3 places, free, if available.
It's just a temporary solution, it does its job, nothing more.
Hut at the water's edge, 50€ contact us.


  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Canoe / Kayak
  • Climbing
  • Cultural visits
  • Diving
  • Events
  • Fishing
  • Horse-riding
  • Swimming
  • Trails
  • Well-being
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Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

148 reviews

Land & setting
  • Magical place <3

  • We thank Yannick's welcome
    of Yannick for this preserved place.
    Friend naturist this magic place, if it is part of it, is one!
    Unstable balance but revealing of emotion when once posed on the terrace bordering this flow of energy ressourçant reconnects us with the essence of the life.
    At the edge of Labeaume time stops, the senses awaken,...
    The broom flowered path leads you to the rudimentary conveniences, which are quite sufficient, with a hot shower and a small dishwashing area.
    We look forward to your return.
    Think of updating the information (no goat cheese on the spot)

  • Well thought out eco-site, very close to nature. Very beautiful river, easy to access and protected from the outside world. The pluses : home-made organic jams and products from the organic garden are excellent. Campsite close to the Ferme au Château (goat farm and chestnut products). Very friendly atmosphere throughout our stay.

  • A stay that was complicated because of the two stormy nights we had, but apart from that, everyone respects each other's privacy with kindness, and I think that calm is the key word in this peaceful place!

  • I prolonged my stay because I felt really well in this place I would have stayed for a long time

  • Beautiful place with lots of great people, I had a wonderful time

  • Wonderful stay, we will come back!

  • Very pleasant moment in osmosis with the nature, to do again.

  • We had booked for 4 nights and only stayed a few hours. We are in motorhome and this site is not adapted for it. We found ourselves practically on the parking lot, with barely enough room to put a relax. If we had wanted to be on a parking lot we would have gone to a motorhome area (especially since we could hear a lot of traffic at this location).
    The reception is good, I think that in tent it must be nice, we must be able to find a place further from the road.
    Let us add that the dog of the owner in freedom (whereas we must attach ours) stuck us all the time (impossible to walk our cat).
    It is noted that we can use the electricity but it can connect only one CC at the time, we had to wait that the other one leaves.
    I'm a little skeptical about the sanitary facilities. 1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 sink, the fridge full to the brim with lots of ice everywhere.
    Too bad, the bathing in the Baume was nice.
    Too bad also for my 46€... Yannick told me he would reimburse me if he found a replacement (we were already replacing someone), but I have no news.
    So if Yanick wants to welcome CC's he should make some adjustments.

  • A magnificent setting! We were able to enjoy the coolness of the river and its sublime landscapes...a luxury during this early August heat wave!
    Thank you for sharing this place!

  • Very disappointed!!! The setting is beautiful and that's it.
    My gamping experiences were very enriching because I always had a lot of sharing with the different hosts. Discussions aperitifs meals see walks ect....
    The dialogue is non-existent. Just qq words to say that everything is written on the board. We asked for the famous ways of stroll at the beginning of the house one indicated us the map on the board of information.
    Besides the river there is nothing to do without taking the car for a while !!!! Very ecological. According to the description we thought we wouldn't have to use the car, but it turned out to be just the opposite because there are no footpaths from the site as indicated in the advert.
    The water is not drinkable. It has a spring water but without filter you will also drink a lot of earth...
    In the end it is not a piece of garden in the inhabitant's house but a real camping with a lot of people.
    Price level is correct but the owner will not tell you that there are wheelbarrows available because the tent sites are not accessible by car. The water is not drinkable.
    Dogs must be on a leash, which is understandable, but his is not there and comes to bother the others who are on a leash when it is not the owner's friends
    We pick up the droppings the same way, which I find quite normal but his dog Oscar puts his droppings in your place nobody comes to pick up.
    Chickens and roosters that wander around and come to eat on your table or enter the tent ....
    Other people have told me that they stole the meal from the table. They even left before...
    The chickens are hanging out in the sink of dishes, where we cook .... and of course the droppings are everywhere on the paths but also on the pitches so nice to walk barefoot.
    In short, a magnificent place that is not in the right hands.
    They talk about respect for the nudists but we had the feeling to be just there to give money. The animals in freedom which come at all hours to disturb you it is not respect but when one sees that places are available but prohibited whereas the carpark is not arranged and complete, it is not respect either. Either the parking lot must be fitted out or fewer campers must be taken! Putting dry toilets next to the shower when they are simple wooden separations is not respecting the campers either.
    In short, even if the prices are rather low, but at the same time there is not much to do, it's still a very impersonal cash factory in an idyllic setting !!!!
    It's a real shame but I think this place has no place in the concept of camping at home!
    I just wanted to warn the next ones because the owner will never question himself. Even if several people left before the end of their stay.
    So great setting but plan the hike with car to go to the start, drinking water, backpacks rather than suitcases is better to walk!

  • Very natural! Beautiful setting. Freshness of the forest and the river. Nice project. Not much to do in the area without taking the car. Some very good local producers of dairy products, chestnuts, ice cream, vegetables, etc: very nice market in Laboule and grocery store of local producers not far from the camp. Nice meetings with local artists. River and rest. Yannick very nice. Oscar and his slime bubbles too!

  • A splendid place where you can enjoy a lot of freedom, including nudity in the nature. A place that is built around the respect of the environment, with voluntary simplicity, frugality.
    Happiness to be only there!

  • The place is beautiful, Yannick is adorable and accommodating.

    We found it a pity that some occupants did not respect the spirit and the cleanliness of the place.

    Long life to this place which is in its early stages... promising! ????
    We have good memories of our stay at Yannick's and had a great time. We would come back with pleasure.

  • A great little corner of freedom in Ardeche. Camping in the woods, river below, beautiful landscapes... everything for an ideal stay.

  • After a complicated arrival our site was occupied. Everything was arranged, the setting, the welcome, the other campers, everything was perfect. The shower is always hot and the access to the river very easy. We had a wonderful and unforgettable vacation with our children.

  • Simple experience and close to nature, we were so good ! Thank you Yannick for this place where letting go brings a real rest !

  • The advertisement specifies independent toilets in addition to the dry toilets but it is not the case. Moreover, there is only one "ecological" toilet for the whole campsite, so it fills up quickly and the sawdust bin empties just as quickly. Fortunately we had a good cooler because the state of the fridge did not inspire confidence. The good side : the setting is pleasant, the people we met were very nice, which allowed us to have a good time.
    - Parking : very limited, we left with paint from another car (and we had to walk a long way from our car to our tent). And we were "argued" by the owner at the time of departure for having parked on "its places" to facilitate the loading already far from the tents.
    - Electricity : present at the only sink of the campsite. You have to be confident to leave your phone on charge.
    - Wifi : the campsite is very large, so no wifi but we didn't come for that.
    Conclusion : we will be much more careful for the next choice of camping in the inhabitant.

  • Thank you Yannick for your welcome by sharing with the campers and woofers the splendid place where you live. I had a rejuvenating stay, friendly and intimate at the same time: according to the wish of each one, one can be with oneself just as it is possible to go and meet the others. Simplicity, freedom, benevolence, respect and tolerance, all together: humans of all generations, clothed, naked or half-naked, animals, nature, elements... The two rivers are alive and beautiful. Great to swim, to recharge, and to explore. A tip: bring jellyfish type shoes to walk on the pebbles in the water

  • Thank you Yannick for your welcome in this beautiful place!

  • The Beaume is magical for moments of swimming in all simplicity and almost alone. The place is calm and conducive to relaxation.
    Be careful though, it is a paradise for campers, but there are very few places for converted vehicles and caravans.
    We will come back for sure.

  • Great stay,
    Yannick welcomed us very well, the place is great and there is a restful calm, moreover the respect and tolerance of everyone is a real asset!

  • The place is nice, the reception is nice. For us, it was not convenient because the tent could not be placed close enough to the river and my children were a little embarrassed by naturism. Then, we looked for someone to talk about it and we didn't find. Finally we left, we found another camping (less nice but better for the children) towards the evening. The contact afterwards by phone was very disappointing! We paid in advance 160 euros for 5 days and we stayed 5 minutes. Yannick didn't want to pay back, or share. We were lost.

  • Magnificent place of quietness, of simple beauty. Exactly what we were looking for.
    Just as magnificent hike ("le tour de Laboule") winding through springs and river, through chestnut groves and pretty little hamlets ....

  • We had a wonderful stay, in a magnificent setting with beautiful people!
    The happiest of us was probably my little 2 year old nephew who was amazed by so much beauty!

  • Very nice setting. A return to nature very pleasant. Yannick very nice. Location in the woods rustic. Top thanks again

  • A beautiful river! Thank you!

  • Hello, we had a pleasant stay at Yannick's. It's a quiet and very charming place with the Beaume river flowing next to the pitches.
    However we noticed some inconveniences!

    1:parking very small with a lot of rocks I damaged my car in two places so low and bulky car beware.

    2: we had been warned of the practice of naturism but we were also told that it was discreet, except from the acceuil it is a naked man (in this case Yannick) who receives my wife with the children ...

    3:You will choose yourselves the sites according to what will remain at the time of your arrival, of the blow certain large sites is found with small tents and vice versa we had with chance our site was sufficiently large shaded with little opposite, others had less of it... bad organization on this side there! moreover accompanied the new arrivals to show them the places would not be a luxury.

    Apart from these different points, the setting is magnificent and the photos are not at all misleading and everyone is very nice, no theft, to go to this place is to accept a simple philosophy that we more, certte naturism it is necessary to get used to it! but our stay is still very well spent

  • A wonderful stay at Yannick's! The place is sublime, very welcoming and the surroundings are beautiful! I recommend 1000 times and hope to come back soon!

  • For one evening we were able to enjoy this beautiful place.
    In the evening we could enjoy the barbecue/campfire area to eat and exchange with other campers. Campers who, like us, were looking for calm, respect for everyone and for nature.

    In the morning we took advantage of one of the two rivers to wake up and have our breakfast in the sun and the sound of the water.

    Thanks to our host for sharing this beautiful place.

  • We spent a superb stay at Yannick's, at the foot of the rivers, perfect and super pretty, I really recommend !!!!

  • A small corner of paradise and a true space of freedom. A place to recharge your batteries in complete peace of mind.

  • Very pleasant camping in the nature. In the quiet. Very good place.

  • I came looking for calm and serenity and that's what I found. An inspiring place in every way that only asks to be invested again.
    Location in the middle of nature, diverse and very wild flora with the river nearby.

  • A magical place and an atmosphere that respects the tranquility of each person.
    Rest and regeneration assured.
    I will come back there.

  • Heavenly places! Warm welcome. Very zen environment. Thank you very much!

  • I simply fell in love with the Ardèche and I will definitely come back for a longer stay. And if I come back to the area I will definitely come back to Yannick's place. The place is vast enough to feel alone in the world in the middle of nature. The river nearby, the wild setting, simply perfect!

  • We found in Yannick, what we had been looking for for a long time, without ever really achieving it.
    That is, excellence.

    Tranquility and Olympic calm. Respect for nature. Ecology in the true sense of the word. The holidaymakers are all nice, and smiling.

    What more to say! To make it short, we will say go there without hesitation.

    One drawback: not really suitable for a large motorhome. Too bad for us.

    Nevertheless, with a cabin and a very nice yurt, we are thinking of a short stay for lovers and the camper at home.

    Guy and Jacqueline.

  • Thank you for these few days of happiness and rest. We let ourselves be rocked by the waves of the Beaume and by the beauty of the site. We have, in so little time, met beautiful people. The natural setting is perfect for it! See you soon I hope!

    Amélie & Emmanuel

  • A true corner of paradise of an incredible beauty which puts a lot of balm in the heart :) We feel so good there !
    Thank you Yannick for your welcome and see you soon!

  • This stay thanks to this place was ideal.
    Living at the rhythm of the sun, enjoying this beautiful river, listening to nature day and night was very relaxing.
    We pushed the disconnection very far in this small paradise.
    Thank you Yannick

  • We spent two nights on Yannick's land and our stay was very pleasant!
    The land is spacious, very wooded and shaded, and far from the vehicles that park below. Big advantage: the two small rivers that cross it from one side to the other. When we arrived, Yannick explained us the functioning of the campsite. It is possible to be nudist or to stay clothed. The main thing is of course to feel good and to respect the choice of each one. I would say that there are as many dressed people as naked people on the campsite. As far as facilities are concerned, it's simple, clean and functional: dry toilets, a basin for washing dishes and a shower with hot water. All in a wooden masonry, which smells good :). I also noticed collective barbecues but we did not have the opportunity to use them. Concerning the drinking water, it is taken from a small spring near the pitches. The water is good, fresh and healthy! We were also able to buy from Yannick products that he works directly at home (on the campsite): jams, chestnut cream and apple juice. Excellent!
    In short, we had a very good stay at Yannick's because the campsite is quiet, lush and beautiful. The fact of having the river at hand is a real plus! Thanks to you Yannick! See you soon! Thomas and Laura.

  • We had an outstanding stay at Yannick's gampside. The location is breathtaking and idyllic. The philosophy of the place is honest and thought-through: we honestly felt in touch with the river, the surrounding hills, woods and mountains. Excellent fall-out base for hiking or visiting the charming villages in the area. We'll come back, for sure.

  • Passing through the region, we were attracted by the natural, naturist and ecological aspect of Yannick's proposal. It was great. It was exactly what we were looking for. Delicious jam and apple juice at the top.

  • Great welcome, Yannick was really friendly with us. Unfortunately, we arrived on a rainy day and could not take advantage of the water source that runs right next door. The dry toilets and the shower were fine. Not the most practical but far from being terrible either.
    The small drawback is the access to a place to park with a van. The terrain is a bit difficult to access.
    Thanks again for your welcome. Have a nice stay !

  • Yannick was kind enough to make room for us when we were trying to reserve half an hour before arriving. The place is beautiful

  • A haven of peace in the middle of nature, a place where you can really disconnect and meet beautiful people.

  • Great place, where you can recharge your batteries!

  • Beautiful experience of life in slow motion in an environment conducive to contemplation, meetings and sharing. Attention It is not very easy to cook on the spot (electric plate) better bring your stove! Nevertheless the shower in the middle of nature is a delight.

  • Wonderful stay and wonderful place at Yannick's, a small corner of paradise that has not yet been taken over by mass tourism, as long as it lasts...
    I would come back!