Family Times : Campsites in private gardens

How do I find a campground for a family trip?

You would like to travel with your spouse and children, but you have no specific ideas about where to go during school breaks yet? You would like living an enriching and authentic experience that will strengthen your family ties? This selection was made for you!

With HomeCamper, you will be able to choose a stay that best suits your desires! You have a wide range of destinations to choose from, as there are more than 30,000 pitches available on our website, and above all, at truly attractive prices and located close to major theme parks! You will have a large range of destinations to satisfy your expectations. Your children will be able, if you wish, to meet up with animals or play in the host's swimming pool and thus, will be able to discover life in a new way!

HomeCamper is the ideal way to get together as a family and to fill up with sensations and memories. Finally, young and old alike will be able to have fun and marvel in the famous Beauval Zoo, at Disneyland Paris or in the many amusement and discovery parks throughout France.

Where to find a campsite for a family trip?

By choosing to spend your holidays in a campground, you make the choice of a holiday without hassle! Camping is a bit like being at home, while being somewhere else. You have your own little home, your own little comfort, but nothing to do with your daily life! You will enjoy the view, the nature, the garden in the middle of the forest or by the ocean and you will savour moments of simplicity with your family. Meet around a big meal under the southern sun, have fun at the beach all day long or tan by the swimming pool, in the evening let yourselves be surprised by the wonderful spectacle of the celestial vault and play cards or make sand castles... The program is simple, relax together! What if that was the key to a successful holiday? Simplicity in family!

The art of family travel is essentially based on activities that can bring a whole family together. The HomeCamper's hosts are here to help you and your children have the best experience possible.

On board of your camper van, your van or even just your tent, you will be welcomed in the intimacy of the HomeCamper's hosts for an authentic stay that you will not soon forget. Therefore, it is time to taste the discovery side of life and explore France and Europe.

Concerning your comfort, everything is made available to give you a varied offer and to enjoy the moment in the most convivial way.

Family time in an RV: equipments

The conviviality of camping is a bit like the cicadas in Provence, the wine in Bordeaux or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They are two inseparable elements. Hosts become friends, children run carefree and laugh in the green alleys, teenagers leave their phones, tablets and consoles behind, and focus on outdoor activities! After months and months spent locked in a grey and polluted daily routine, you're are finally able to fill up with vitamine D and the whole family feels better!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holidays with your family:

-If there are games in the campsite, a pitch is chosen to allow the children to go alone while being able to keep an eye on them.

-Even if there is not a lot of space in the tent, it is important to think about delimiting a small space for each child, with a bed for each child, his toys or other reassuring objects, and all his belongings/toys nearby.

-In order for the children to be able to rest well in the afternoon, it is essential to have your tent in the shade. Despite this, if it is still too hot inside the tent at nap time (which is common in summer), do not insist, leave for a ride in the car or stroller to allow the children to rest in the cool.

-Avoid taking toys with small parts (lego/polly pockets...) that could get lost and go for board games instead, colourings, stickers, figurines, dolls... Moreover, there are already a lot of things to do and see on holidays so they will probably do not need a lot of toys.

-Simplify things for meals! On the campsite, choose to picnic with things that can be picked up with fingers: carrot sticks/ cherry tomatoes/ big pasta/melon ... Camping chairs are not adapted to children, therefore, try to avoids plate since they could fall easily on the ground. Before coming on the campsite, you can prepare a salty cake that can be used for the first meals on the campsite.

-A very simple trick that simplifies life is to take a pot with a pouring spout in your crockery box, it avoids to spill the children's milk next to the bottle or the boiling water on your fingers...

-To clean the little ones, you can simply use the nomadic changing mat, some cotton, a very small sample bottle of lotion filled with water and a tube of cream if necessary.

-If you are afraid of public toilets you can use disinfectant wipes, however, it is not very ecological.

-Store your food in a box closed by a lid to avoid the invasion of ants. You can even think of storing it in the trunk of the car at night.

-Provide a plaid or an old blanket in addition to the table, as the chairs are not suitable for the little ones, and they are better on the floor to play, draw and even have a snack.

-Always hang your trash high and far away from your pitch (on a tree for example) to avoid ants... always!

If you want to discover something new, while spending holidays with your family, we advise you to try a yurt or a hut (in the trees or on the water). A change of scenery is guaranteed!

With HomeCamper, escape with your family.