Glamping : Campsites in private gardens

What is glamping?

In just a few words, it's a unique journey, an extraordinary new experience that you won't soon forget. It is an experience to be lived at least once in your life. With the words "glamorous" and "camping" combined, you get a unique style of camping with amenities that usually isn't associated with traditional camping.

Glamping is a new trend in outdoor tourism that combines luxury and nature, comfort and respect for the environment. Therefore, it is the combination of the benefits of wild nature and a soft bed. No more endless tent setting up, no more soaking wet clothes after a night under a leaking tarpaulin. Say hello to the brand new luxury huts where you'll feel like a little squirrel in its cosy nest.

As mentionned previously, the great advantage of glamping is comfort. You will have the possibility of not having to drag your caravan or take your tent to your holiday destination. Your glamping awaits you there! Moreover, the atmosphere at the campsite is usually very friendly and lively. You can still benefit from this atmosphere in your luxury rental. You will chat with other campers and your children will quickly make new friends with whom they can play, play table tennis or go swimming.

And last but not least, you'll spend the whole day outdoors, which is fun for everyone, not just the kids. Glamping is a way of living authentically the most impressive places in the world.

How to find glampsite sites?

Do you want to be surprised and amazed when you go away from your daily routine? Do you want to sleep in unusual places like a yurt, a cabin, a tipi, a bubble or simply in an unusual place? This section invites you to travel and also to break your daily and weekly routine in order to stay in some of the most original and amazing places.

Let us surprise you with our selection of unusual glamping destinations with the HomeCamper hosts who will make your stay unforgettable and delightful.

All you have to do is let your mind wander from destination to destination. What is certain is that we promise you new sensations and above all, an authentic experience.

You will be able to explore and discover a country, a city, a region and more generally a destination in a newer and more original manner!

Come with your family to glamping sites!

Many families no longer find time to spend time together, often caught up in the dynamic rhythm of the daily life. Consequently, holidays provide an escape from the stress and problems of everyday life. But sometimes it can be hard to relax according to the type of holidays chosen.

Glamping will provide you fun, authentic adventures and family bonding.

Where can you find an unusual campsite?

The HomeCamper hosts are at your disposal to make you live the most beautiful experience of your life.

Aboard your motorhome, van or even just your tent, you will be greeted in gardens, each one as original as the next, for a guaranteed unusual stay! So it's time to take the discovery side of life and to explore Europe and much further afield, Reunion Island and Guadeloupe will welcome you with pleasure. If you are looking for thrills, new sensations and above all unforgettable moments off the beaten track, meeting a sometimes wild and singular nature and fascinating cultures, glamping is for you!

The concept of "glamping" is vast and depends on the type of accommodation you are looking for, especially if you want to surprise your partner during a romantic weekend or if you want to live a unique experience with your whole family.

Each campsite is likely to offer you several glamping atmospheres. You will be able to book accommodation ranging from the wooden hut (ecolodge) to the tree house as on Pandora, sleeping in a yurt on a mountain or traditional tents of all types (safari tent, tepee...).

As for the latest glamping trends, they, of course, follow the hipster movement. Vintage caravans, restored and brought up to date while keeping their adventurous soul that allows you to travel the world from a real little house on wheels, are the latest thing.

When to go to an unusual campsite?

There is no real season to travel to unusual places. In winter as in summer, you will find your happiness in our selection of gardens, whether in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal...

The sooner you leave for an unusual accommodation, the better you'll feel. Indeed, nature therapy or ecotherapy is essential for our mental health.

Fortunately, glamping can bring us all these benefits without adding the stress that can sometimes occur with traditional camping. However, it is clear that spending more time outdoors has many health benefits.

The benefits

The benefits of exposure to sunlight have been shown to be beneficial in cases of seasonal depression. Ecotherapy works in a similar way.

Research has shown that ecotherapy can be beneficial for people with mild to moderate depressive disorders (for example, in combination with other psychological, medical or behavioural therapies). Being outdoors and doing manual labour has an effect on well-being and self-esteem.

There is also evidence that ecotherapy can relieve stress through its relaxing effect. When you are depressed or stressed, it is normal not to feel like doing physical exercise. It can even be difficult to get motivated, get up or go out. However, getting out, doing gentle activities and breathing fresh air helps you feel more relaxed and calm.

It's also a good way to meet other people. Stressed and its associated health problems can lead to isolation. Being part of a caring group can be rewarding and challenging.

With HomeCamper, experience authenticity to the full!