Pool & Wellness : Campsites in private gardens

How to find a place to enjoy a moment of wellness in RV?

If you are looking for a peaceful moment and conviviality with family or friends, HomeCamper offers you more than a hundred private pools and spas, which will give you the opportunity to escape from your everyday routine and recharge your batteries in wonderful landscapes.

A large selection of activities is available for you to discover the richness of the places of your stay: visits of castles, museums and monuments, walks in the vineyards, walks by the sea, lake, and, for the sportiest, there will be a large choice of sports: hiking, cycling, swimming, climbing and horse riding. Gastronomy will also give a second taste to your stopover, from local specialities to open-air BBQ just enjoy! After effort though comes comfort, you will appreciate relaxing in the pool while enjoying pleasant moments: massage, spa, whirlpool baths etc.

Where to find a private campsite with a wellness area?

HomeCamper opens the doors to Italy, Spain, Portugal or simply France. It is a unique chance to observe breathtaking landscapes that suit all tastes. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to see rural, urban, coastal or mountainous landscapes. Come with the transport of your choice, mini-van, camper, caravan, tent or even with your car, our guests will welcome you in open gardens. They will also take the time for you to have a great relaxing moment, to let you enjoy the small pleasures of life or to immerse you in their cultures.

What is wellness?

Well-being refers to all the things we need to live well, such as: money to meet material needs, health, time for hobby and healthy emotional relationships. Because the concept of wellbeing is subjective, well-being represents many things depending on the person. Some people attach great importance to the economic factor, while others associate well-being with the spiritual aspect of life.

There are six dimensions of wellness. These dimensions of well-being include emotional, physical, occupational, social, intellectual and spiritual levels. They include, but are not limited to :

-Hydrotherapy is, as the name suggests, the use of water (hydro) in therapy. In thalassotherapy, it is the virtues of seawater that make it possible to treat certain ailments or pain. In spa therapy, it is the properties of thermal water. Hydrotherapy in thalassotherapy are based on the benefits of seawater. Indeed, seawater is rich in trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins. For treatments, seawater is heated between 31°C and 35°C.

-Yoga, originates from India. Historically, it was more than just a teaching method, it was a way of life and a culture that included healthy eating, bathing habits, social and work interactions. Its philosophy is rooted in a physical culture of health and well-being that is still promoted today. That explains why more than 15 million people around the world practice this ancient tradition even nowaydays. People who practice yoga generally feel happier and more satisfied with their daily lives.

-Thai massage is a massage therapy technique that consists in completely relaxing the body in order to drive away anxieties by creating a moment of awakening of the body and mind. The benefits are numerous: better digestion, restful sleep and guaranteed well-being!

-Hammams and saunas, correspond to a physical and emotional detoxification. Indeed, they reduce stress, anxiety and allow deep relaxation. They eliminate dead skin from the body, unclog pores and eliminate toxins. In addition, they have nourishing and rehydrating virtues by toning the skin. The secretion of sebum is regulated, preventing acne, healing scars and reducing redness. They also help you get back to sleep and activate blood circulation. There is a real connection between body and mind, a feeling of being revitalized and more balanced.

-Digital detox. Today, we face the harmful effects of technology: we feel disoriented without social networks or other technologies. It is like we have forgotten how to live a simpler life, to spend quality time with our family and friends or to spend time with nature. Digital detox is one thing that can actually help us with many health benefits. It's true that they're very important in our lives today, but it's not good to be hooked on them. So it's essential for us to go on digital detox sometimes. This type of detox reduces stress, helps to bring more self-awareness and to become physically and mentally fitter. Most people who have undergone these king of detox have reported feeling an increase in their mood after putting aside their smartphone and spending time outside, and have also experienced a calmer, more balanced mood.

With HomeCamper, it's time to brighten up your holiday!!