Seaside : Campsites in private gardens

Where to find a private seaside campsites?

Do you want to relax and take a break away from the ambiant sounds of the city? This section will be perfect for you!

Sunbathe near the seaside, just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea or even the Baltic Sea. Pack your sunglasses and your sunscreen. What is better than hearing the waves knock at your door and feeling the warm sand under your feet, with a breathtaking view of the horizon? 

How to find a seaside camping?

Whether you are in a motorhome, a caravan, a tent or even a minivan, you will definitely find your happiness! HomeCamper's hosts will advise you on the best addresses and good tips. Let yourself be transported by the sea air and the song of the waves.

The best seaside in France

Do you want to travel, to discover the treasures of the French coasts? Here is the guide to the most beautiful beaches in France. In this selection, you will discover the beaches of Porquerolles, Bonifacio, Biscarrosse and des Glénans... Nearly twenty incredible beaches, all easily accessible and all very different from one another.

Arone Beach - Piana

Very beautiful Corsican beach, with golden sand and blue water. The beach of Arone is one of a reasonable size, enough so that you never feel suffocated -except in case of strong heat-. The view from the beach is breathtaking. There are a few restaurants on site and the possibility to rent nautical equipment as well.

Palombaggia beach - South Corsica

The Isle of Beauty is so full of beaches that it is often difficult to classify them, but if we had to choose, the beach of Palombaggia would undoubtedly win a few votes. Crystal-clear water with crystal-clear reflections, umbrella pines that shelter sensitive skins, white sand for a kilometre and a half, make it a very popular beach.

Côte des Basques Beach - Biarritz

The Côte des Basques is a large and vast urban beach in the Atlantic sea in all its splendour and the Pyrenees on the horizon. You will have a beautiful view on the Virgin's rock and the famous villa on the cliff and on the surfers in full wave... It is a one kilometer long beach reduced to a congregated portion during high tides and located along a beautiful promenade, with shops nearby and a lot of amenities as well.

Grands Sables Beach - Groix

Located on the opposite of Lorient, the Grands Sables beach on the island of Groix is remarkable for more than one reason. First of all, it is the only convex beach in Europe, and secondly, it is blessed with very white sand and very turquoise water which is a real eye-catcher. As far as space is concerned, don't worry: the beach is wide and deep enough for everyone, but the waters are sometimes "polluted" by the many boaters who don't hesitate to anchor a few metres from the shore. There is a parking nearby, an access by foot and the beach is supervised during the high season.

Plage Butin - Honfleur

Located near Paris, Honfleur offers beautiful beaches including the Butin beach. Once your beach afternoon is over, you can stroll in the evening in the old port of this charming city or try your luck at the casino of Deauville, located only 20 minutes away from Honfleur.

Saint Malo, Brittany

This is one of the beaches that could easily host the "Game of Thrones" universe. It is simply spectacular to see how the beach of Saint-Malo unfolds at the foot of the wall that surrounds the city of Brittany.

The sandy beach is divided into 7 very different coves, the first of which is the Playa de la Mola. This piece of sand was born from the spectacular dike that winds along the Atlantic Ocean... From here, the beach takes shape until you reach the northernmost part, where you will meet the Great Beach. Unlike the rest, the latter is a long strip of sand on which you will be able to accommodate your towel without any problem. If after a long day under the sun you are hungry, go to Saint-Malo and order a plate of oysters, the local speciality.

Cap Blanc-Nez Beach - Pas-de-Calais

On the Opal Coast, the Cap Blanc-Nez is, together with the Cap Gris-Nez, classified as a "Grand Site de France" since 1987. At low tide, the sea withdraws several dozen metres to make way for an immense expanse of fine sand, bordered by majestic cliffs that are 134 metres high.

Etretat Beach - Normandy

Probably one of the most famous beaches in Normandy, Etretat beach was immortalized more than a century ago by Monet in his paintings. The impressionist painter fixed his gaze on the spectacular white cliffs through which everyone walks through, with its elegant arch that plunges into the water.

Etretat beach has three arches, two of which can be seen from the village of the same name. To see the third, the one that Monet immortalized, you will have to do like the French artist and get your feet wet. It's worth it. He did it when the sun went down, but by day, the views are just as breathtaking.

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