SuperCamp : Campsites in private gardens

What is a SuperCamp Garden?

SuperCamp grounds are owned by experienced hosts who offer authentic and secure experiences to their travelers. HomeCamper gardens are all unique, as they are private properties. Each host adds their personal touch and personality, provides a different setting, and offers a range of amenities and services, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. This is what makes HomeCamper attractive and unique. Hosts commit to meeting the requirements of the HomeCamper Quality Charter and also adhere to values that are important to us: friendliness, sharing, impeccable hospitality, and respect. Beyond the additional income, their goal is to make beautiful connections and take pleasure in hosting.

How do they stand out ?

When a host achieves the status of SuperCamp, the badge is automatically displayed on their listing and profile to help you identify them as such. A page is also created for them.

Why choose a SuperCamp Garden ?

  • Response in less than 24 hours.
  • The host prioritizes solutions that support the energy transition, organic products, local supply chains, and encourages ecological practices such as waste separation, composting, and optimized water resource management.
  • The host serves as both a guide and ambassador for their region and actively participates in the local economy.

Join the SuperCamp program

What are the benefits ?

As a SuperCamp member, you enjoy, among other things, higher visibility compared to regular hosts. You become one of the ambassadors who offer the best outdoor experiences and set an example for other hosts. 92% of SuperCamp members have significantly increased their income, in addition to sharing magical moments with campers.

  • On the platform :

The SuperCamp Badge. You benefit from systematic exposure through a variety of tools (badge, map pointer, SEO, dedicated category).

Access to your statistics.

Recomendations. You will be prioritized for recommendations to bloggers, influencers, and media seeking reports or interviews.

  • On Social media:

Blog article. You have the opportunity to write an article that will appear on the HomeCamper blog.

Posts and Stories. We give you the opportunity to write 2 stories/posts per year, which will be shared on HomeCamper's social media.

  • Bonus services.

Signage Kit. A HomeCamper sign with a 3-year guarantee.

2 HomeCamper nights. To use or offer for the HomeCamper destination of your choice.

Direct phone line. We provide you with access to a direct and dedicated phone line.

Already 100 SuperCamp gardens!

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How to obtain the badge?