Wine & Champagne Tours : Campsites in private gardens

Camping near the vineyards!

A sudden desire to discover new flavours and deepen your knowledge of wine? Then, this special wine tourism selection is made for you, designed for people who want to explore wine regions and learn about local wines!

Wine is always associated with happiness and parties, but goes also perfectly with good food. If you want to explore wine's culture at its best, there are 3 main places to visit : Champagne, not far from Paris which is ideal for a long week-end; then Alsace and Burgundy, 2 unavoidable places, which provide an amazing and varied wine tour experience.

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Discovering the vineyards in a camper van...

Travel the vineyards according to your desires, without worrying about your next step. Amazing views, tastings and private visits of the cellars will be on your menu. Your hosts will be delighted to share their passion and know-how, passed on over many generations. Several regions and departments have chosen to set up itineraries and routes for camper vans, in order to welcome tourists and itinerant visitors in the best manner possible. Thus, we will discover the different territories which offer suitable routes, especially for travelers in camper vans. 


The Champagne region is known worldwide for the quality of its vineyards and cellars which extend over more than 30,000 hectares and mobilize the talents of several thousand farmers. Those farmers, whether they are professional growers or members of cooperatives, offer to showcase their farms. Thus, Champagne also has a cultural heritage waiting to be discovered, without moderation.

The Caves & Vignobles of Champagne are an original way to discover the richness of this region. Located in villages or in little towns, they are high places of the region's wine-growing tradition and most of the time, a tasting is included! The tradition is declined in all possible ways. Visits of families businesses or more traditional farms can be done, paying or free. It is possible, to walk around the farms, enjoy the many guided tours, visit museums dedicated to champagne etc...

You will be able to visit the sublime Gothic cathedrals of Reims -the place where many kings of France were coronated-, Troyes, Sedan and its fortified castle, the ramparts of Langres, the emblematic Charles de Gaulle Memorial in Colombey-les-deux-églises, the formidable Chaumont viaduct, the beautiful ducal square of Charleville-Mézières, the Der-Chantecoq lake and the half-timbered churches... As you might have understood, Champagne-Ardenne is not only wine but also a beautiful region with sometimes unsuspected treasures!


In 1963, the Wine Route of Alsace was born. It is one of the first tourist routes in France. It extends for about 170 kilometers, from Marlenheim which lies north of the region to the south. This road is one of the most popular as it has a breathtaking scenery. Indeed, this road crosses the massif of the Vosges and the Alsatian plain. This route will allow you to cross many wine villages. Wine lovers will be delighted to discover these cellars, accustomed to receive visitors.



Since 1995, the route of the Grands Crus of Burgundy, also known as the "Champs-Elysées de la Bourgogne", is very popular among camper van enthusiasts. It spreads on 60 kilometers passing by the famous coast of the nights, the coast of Beaune and the most vivid vineyards in the region. This region is known for its many towns and wine villages. You can make a stop in the cellars to taste the Grands crus, such as a Meursault, a Aloxe-Corton or a Chan-Montrachet.
The route of the Grands Crus of Burgundy is not the only one. Indeed, the road of the wooden floats stretches from Clamecy to Appoigny in the Yonne. Once upon a time the wood was assembled in this city. For historical visitors, this route will allow you to perceive the treasures of this area thanks to the activity of the driftwood. 



The Wine Route of Jura is in the unique department of the Jura and extends over 100 kilometers from Salins-les-Bains north to Saint-Amour in the south. This road offers unique varietals in the world as well as dozens of picturesque villages to visit. This itinerary has the peculiarity of being more sinuous than the previous ones which are slightly more linear. The second route of Franche-Comté is the route of the lakes. It is slightly longer than the wine route of Jura since it extends on over 150 kilometers. It allows you to discover many lakes of the Haut-Jura. It is possible to continue the journey into the land with the road of the Firs. This journey is 42 kilometers long and connects Levier to Champagnole.