Hello, my name is Jasmin!

New Pitsligo, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello all! Im jasmin .
I live in a wooded croftland in the Banff and Buchan area of Aberdeenshire just outside the village of New Pitsligo.
I live with my other half Ewen and his daughter eilidh. My mother Caroline also lives on the Croft. I've lived my whole life on the Croft and it's seen many changes over the years but one consistent thing is always been best when filled with people, music !. We would like to share are unique beauty spot with your, let you roam are wood find your peace in nature etc. We are trying to make being at home more of a full time thing so finding different ways to work at home to earn a living and use our space to its full potential.
So we thought of wild camping as a start and we are working on building some compost loos and potentially some a frame huts if this venture is successful!