Campsite Périgueux

How to find a campsite in Périgueux?

A city classified as an "Art and History" city, Périgueux is perfect if you want to change your mood with many visits. In order to easily find your campsite for your extended holidays or your short stay in Périgueux, HomeCamper offers you to discover all the offers available in the region. Périgueux hosts on HomeCamper offer you various camping sites in the city according to your expectations, but also according to your budget!

What to visit in Périgueux?

With 39 sites listed as Historic Monuments, your stay in Périgueux is not likely to be boring, especially if you enjoy these kinds of visits. Saint-Front Cathedral will be a kind of landmark for you in the city of Périgueux. Indeed, if you get lost in the city, all you have to do is look at the sky to find its bell tower, which will then allow you to reach the city centre. This cathedral is splendid and its construction is inspired by the Sacré Cœur in Paris. The Gallo-Roman Museum is located 5 minutes from Périgueux and will allow you to discover not only a perfectly preserved Gallo-Roman site, but also many exhibited objects in the museum that were recovered during the excavations. The Mataguerre tower in Périgueux is a relic and represents the last tower still standing today. While climbing up this tower, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the whole city of Périgueux and take beautiful pictures. Périgueux also contains the remains of an imposing amphitheatre. The place is transformed into a park, but the ruins are still there for your sightseeing time. You can admire the ruins of the old gates that used to allow you to enter the heart of the amphitheatre. This area is particularly recommended for time spent in Périgueux!

When to go to Périgueux?

In order to enjoy the best possible weather conditions for your trip to Périgueux, we recommend that you leave between May and August. Indeed, it is at this time of year that temperatures are most pleasant. Perfect for all the visits you want. It is less recommended to leave during the winter season, as cold or rain could compromise your visits, although you'll have more space and therefore less other visitors to disturb you.

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