Farm & Animals : Campsites in private gardens

Where can I find a campground on the farm?

Do you want to live an authentic holiday, at low prices and above all in a quiet environment, in harmony with nature? Sometimes the return to your roots can only do you good through various stays at farms.

When you imagine a random trip, the fresh eggs for breakfast and milking cows aren't the first things that comes to mind. And yet, the demand for farm stays has been increasing for quite some time now. That is why the offers are also increasing in order to satisfy all our travellers from all over the world.

How do I find a campground on the farm?

In motorhomes, caravans, tents or even minivans, you will necessarily find the right spot for you in these natural areas. The number of pitches is limited for your peace of mind!
The HomeCamper hosts will be able to advise you on the best addresses and tips for a trip to farms to discover or rediscover the wealth of our regions.

As for your comfort, everything is made available so that the offer is varied: Sleep in traditional tents, or for the more curious, glamping will be available such as tepees, yurts, shepherds' huts, gîtes and much more. Stop worrying about your daily routine and enjoy the moment. Start planning your next holiday on the farm today!!

Our farmers, producers and winegrowers will warmly welcome you in a natural environment, only a few steps away from their animals. A change of scenery is guaranteed! Live at the rhythm of the farm, your children will enjoy feeding the animals! Take the opportunity to discover the know-how of your hosts and the local products.

Going on a camping farm for holidays!

Do you live a city life and would you like your children to spend more time in the heart of nature to discover the animals and the beautiful rural landscapes that Europe has to offer?

Rural tourism or agritourism offers all these possibilities and will allow you to spend unforgettable family holidays, far from the crowds, traffic jams and crowded beaches, to discover an authentic lifestyle that will surely delight your family, from the youngest to the oldest. Conviviality and tranquility will be a pair during these holidays closest to the fauna and flora.

For neighbours donkeys and cows, the HomeCamper hosts offer initiations to the work of the farm. Wake up to the crowing of the rooster, feed the chickens, let children discover all the animals in real life rather than in books, this is the life of the farm. Farmstays have developed strongly in recent years to the delight of children.

And you can also take advantage of them for a gastronomic holiday, where the milk, cheese and pâtés come from the place where you live, the best guarantee of a meal that is as good for the palate as it is for your health.

Relaxing environment

Vast green expanses, orchards, fields and forests... During your holiday at the farm you will have only nature as view and you will be able to fill your lungs with fresh air and good energy by taking the time to reconnect with the earth. Your children will love to play outside all day long, swim in the rivers and gaze with delight at the starry sky in the evening that no light spoils.

It's time to get away from technology and shake up your routine!

Fun and varied activities

Donkey rides, swimming in lakes and rivers, fishing, hiking, pony rides, tractor rides, picking seasonal fruit and vegetables, distributing seeds to goats and chickens...And also for some of the more original and fun activities that can be found there: guided tours, boat trips, angling (leaving with your fish), gold panning (looking for gold nuggets to play the little adventurer), egg hunting at Easter time ... and many other festive activities!! Your children won't have time to get bored and won't know what to do. They will be delighted to help feed the farm animals and discover their trapping skills or build huts in the woods, before feasting on local products around a campfire when they are exhausted from their day in the great outdoors.

A few examples of educational and fun activities proposed in some farms:

Farm animals: taking care of the animals: feeding piglets, watering kittens, grooming a pony, taking care of the animals, making litter boxes... observing the behaviour of birds, mammals, insects...

Cultivate your own garden: vegetable garden, orchard or aromatic garden and have the pleasure of tasting your harvests.

Life around the pond, or in the forest: observation and awareness of the preservation of natural environments.

"Processing" workshops: from wheat to pasta, from cereals to bread, from sheep to woollen thread, the cheese-making line, from straw to paper are all activities that will delight the apprentice farmers!

Beekeeping: the bees and the social organisation of the hive, the transformation of nectar into honey, the beekeeper's know-how throughout the year, tasting, making a beeswax candle, etc.

Awareness of environmental protection

A holiday in the heart of nature will allow children to see by themselves the riches that rural areas have to offer and the vital importance of preserving the land, the fauna and flora through responsible gestures. A good way to make them responsible and to make them aware of the vital stakes that their generation holds in its hands for the future of our planet!

With HomeCamper, live to the rhythm of the animals.