Campsite Orne

How to find a campsite in the Orne?

If you want to travel to a place where nature and countryside have an important place in the hearts of the locals, look no further than the department of Orne. Located in the Normandy region, it borders 6 other departments. If you want to plan your travel in advance, HomeCamper has various hosts in store for you that are going to be able to make you enjoy your stay like never before. Lovers of vanlife, roadtrips, and outdoor camping, get ready!

What to visit in the Orne?

The Perche Regional Nature Park covers more than 182,000 hectares and is home to a preserved natural heritage. Many paths and greenways cross the department, synonymous with beautiful and long walks, horse riding or mountain biking. In the Ecouves forest, from Bagnole sur l'Orne or from St Evroult Notre Dame du Bois, walks are to be made.
The Roche d'Oëtre site is also worth a look. It is a 118-metre high rock that offers an exceptional view of nature. Take the paths of the Gorges, the Meanders, the Granite or the Corniches to discover the rock of Oëtre and its steep landscapes!
The Haras national des Pins is nicknamed the "Versailles du Cheval" and plunges its visitors into the equestrian world. Many activities such as races or exhibitions sometimes take place there.
The gardens of La Mansonière have a soft and dreamy atmosphere with their rose garden, hazelnut grove and Gothic garden.
The Orne, also a history department, witnessed the Battle of Normandy. A visit to the Montormel Memorial provides many explanations of the famous battle. The June 44 museum in the city of L'Aigle plunges its visitors into the atmosphere of war, with recomposed scenes and wax statues of historical figures.
Orne also has beautiful monuments, such as the Dungeon of Dromfont, a listed historical monument, or its Bonvouloir tower located in Juvigny-Sous-Andaine, 26.5 metres high.
The cathedral of Sées, built in the 12th century, also impresses with its 70-metre high bell towers.
We also recommend that you visit the city of Alençon, especially for its Notre-Dame basilica, its wheat market or its castle of the Dukes.
Finally, in Camembert, the Camembert house introduces us to the history of this cheese that is the pride of Normandy!

When to go to the Orne?

The department of Orne will be a better experience in terms of visits if you choose the right season and the right time to go there. Like most Normandy departments, its oceanic climate means that the more appropriate months for visiting would be around July, August and September.

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences in Normandy!

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