Campsite Aubagne

How do I find a campsite in Aubagne?

City chosen by Pagnol, Aubagne is a destination that will allow you to enjoy the sun while also enjoying historical tours. In order to easily find your camping ground or your atypical accommodation in the heart of Aubagne, go to HomeCamper. You can contact the various hosts registered on HomeCamper. They offer you different accommodation offers for your stay at Aubagne, making you enjoy incredible views without having to ruin yourself. 

What to visit in Aubagne?

Aubagne is a city whose culture revolves around Marcel Pagnol and clay. Rich in architectural heritage, the city of Aubagne has many visits. First of all, we recommend you to explore the old town of Aubagne, where there are many interesting monuments: the Gachiou Gate, the Church of Saint Sauveur, the Clock tower, the steeple of Observance or different chapels. Composed of narrow streets and shady squares, the old town of Aubagne is the typical reflection of a provençal culture. Obviously, Aubagne is the home town of Marcel Pagnol and this makes it a real tourist attraction. Aubagne has often been a filming place for the films of Marcel Pagnol. You can also visit the house where this great man was born, in the course Bartholomew. You can enjoy a visit of the ground floor of 130 m². You will also have the possibility to visit various santonnier workshops or ceramists to discover all the art of clay. 

When to go to Aubagne?

The most favorable months to stay at Aubagne are those located between April and October. Of course, the temperatures are warmer during the months of July and August. If you do not support the rain, avoid getting to Aubagne during the month of November. In addition, this could prevent you from discovering the city and carrying out all the visits you had originally planned.