Campsite Netherlands

How to visit the Netherlands by motorhome?

When you think of the Netherlands, you immediately think of windmills, fields of flowers and clogs. But the Netherlands has so much more to offer! The country with twelve provinces is bordered by Belgium in the south and Germany in the east, and from there the ideal destination .And the most beautiful of all? In Holland you don't really have to miss out on some regions during your trip, because most cities are reachable within a maximum of two hours by car. With a tent or a caravan, you can get very close to nature with HomeCamper hosts and still not have to do without anything.

What can you visit in the Netherlands?

Amsterdam is a popular destination for tourists with its canals, many unusual stores and the numerous museums. Nevertheless, other cities in the Netherlands should not be missed: The Hague and Rotterdam, the cheese capitals Gouda and Alkmaar and authentic places like Volendam and Delft. Rotterdam is best known for its galleries and art museums.

A series of colorful flower-decorated floats follow the route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. These are found behind the North Sea dunes, between the cities of Leiden and Den Helder. Other, equally beautiful fields can be found in the provinces of Flevoland. There you will also discover how we Dutch fight against the water, as the flat land is crisscrossed with canals.

The country has an endless coastline northeast of the province of Groningen to Zeeland in the south to explore. Enjoy the wide beaches along the North Sea and the wide horizon it offers. We advise you to visit one of Holland's seaside resorts, Zandvoort or Egmond aan Zee, if you are looking for relaxation.

When to visit the Netherlands ?

The Netherlands is ideal for cycling, sailing in summer and ice skating in winter.In the famous 'flower bulb' region there is an annual flower parade. But you should expect cool weather at any time of the year, so the Netherlands is a good destination for campers especially in summer with our HomeCamper hosts.