Campsite Vienne

How to find an outdoor camping space in the Vienna department?

If you want to stay for a few days in the Vienne department, we recommend you trust HomeCamper to get close to many destinations. What’s better than camping directly in a homestay to get to know the local culture and take advantage of good deals. By contacting the HomeCamper hosts directly, you will be able to discover different types of accommodations available in the region. 

What to visit in the Vienne department?

Staying in the Vienne region allows you to enjoy and visit many different things, and this concerns the whole family. Firstly, you’ve got the Futuroscope, an amusement park that entails more than 25 attractions in Avery futuristic atmosphere in the heart of Jaunay-Clan. « Planet Crocodile » is a park located in Civaux that transports you in a tropical universe surrounded by different species of crocodiles. Making your way there assures you to meet only predators. The abbaye of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe is a visit designated for those that are interested in the history of France. Registered at the Unesco world heritage, this abbey allows you to discover the monastic life of that time. We also recommend you to go to the « Roc aux Sorciers » where you can admire a sculpted frieze dating from the prehistoric time, which means more than 15 000 years ago. If you appreciate nature, the Vienne offers some special places that you can adventure yourself in, such as the ornithological reserve of Beaumont Saint-Cyr, the Norée caves in Biard or the state-owned Châtellerault forest. Remember that the Vienne is full of many castles that you can discover throughout your travel itinerary. That can be the castle of Avanton, of Berrye, of Touffou or even the castle of Harcourt. 

When is it best to travel to the Vienne region ?

If you want to go on holidays in the Vienne region, we suggest you to come between May and September. Indeed it is during that period of time that the weather is the best for all your visits and where you could enjoy more sunshine. The spring season could also be an excellent choice for your trips and visits, but a jacket might be recommended.