Camping in the Alpes-Maritimes

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as we take you on a road trip through the Alpes-Maritimes department in the south of France. Whether you're in a van or a campervan, you'll be able to explore the best of what this region has to offer, from charming towns, to picturesque landscapes, and delicious food and wine. And with HomeCamper, you'll be able to stay in comfortable and authentic accommodation on private properties, immersing yourself in the local culture and lifestyle!

First stop on the agenda, the city of Nice, known for its beautiful beaches, charming old town, and delicious local cuisine. Take a stroll down the famous Promenade des Anglais, admire the beautiful Art Deco architecture, and enjoy a traditional French meal on one of the many outdoor terraces.

Next, head out to the hilltop village of Eze, known for its stunning views of the Mediterranean, and its charming streets lined with art galleries and souvenir shops. This village is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the region. From Eze, take a drive to the town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, known for its beautiful medieval architecture and charming streets. Take a stroll through the village and admire the works of art by famous painters such as Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali.

If you're looking for a bit of adventure, take a drive to the Mercantour National Park, known for its beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and wildlife. Take a hike to the summit of Mount Bego, the highest peak in the park, and admire the stunning views of the region. And if you're looking for a bit of relaxation, take a dip in the hot springs of the town of Gréolières les Neiges.

Monaco, the tiny yet glamorous city-state on the French Riviera, offers a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors. When driving by with a van or campervan, you'll have the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings on your own terms. One of the must-see sights in Monaco is the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino. This world-renowned casino is not only a place to gamble, but also a beautiful architectural masterpiece. Visitors can admire the elegant halls, the frescoes, and the sculptures, and indulge in a little luxury. Another must-see sight is the Prince's Palace of Monaco, the residence of the royal family. Visitors can take a tour of the palace and learn about the history and culture of the city-state. For nature lovers, the Exotic Garden of Monaco is a must-see destination. This garden features a wide variety of tropical plants, cacti, and succulents, as well as a beautiful panoramic view of the city. For car enthusiasts, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is a must-see event. The race takes place every year on the streets of Monte Carlo and is considered one of the most prestigious car races in the world. For those looking for a bit of adventure, the city of Monaco is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails, such as the scenic Sentier de l'Observatoire, which offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Here is also a list of some underrated places to drive to in the department:

  • Visit the town of Valbonne, known for its charming medieval streets and beautiful 16th-century church. This town is a true gem for history and culture lovers.
  • Take a trip to the Parc de la Prehistoire, located in the town of Quinson, and discover the prehistoric creatures that once roamed the region.
  • Take a drive to the Mercantour National Park and hike to the summit of the Mont Vial. From the summit, you'll be able to admire the stunning views of the region and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Visit the town of Menton, known for its beautiful beaches and its famous lemon festival, which takes place every February.
  • Take a drive to the town of Roquebillière, known for its thermal baths and the beautiful landscapes of the nearby Mercantour National Park.
  • Visit the town of Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, known for its beautiful landscapes and the ski resorts in the nearby mountains.
  • Take a trip to the town of Vence, known for its beautiful medieval architecture, charming streets, and the famous Chapelle du Rosaire, designed by Henri Matisse.
  • Visit the town of Gourdon, a charming medieval village known for its beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby Gorge du Loup.


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