Campsite Hautes-Alpes

How to find a campsite in the Hautes-Alpes?

If you're a mountain lover, the Hautes-Alpes are an ideal destination. In order to quickly find your campsite in this specific region of France, we recommend that you do it as early as possible by going on the HomeCamper website. You will be able to discover all the offers available in the Hautes-Alpes from HomeCamper hosts who will offer you the opportunity to stay directly with the locals while preserving the camping spirit.

What to visit in the Hautes-Alpes?

In the middle of a mainly mountainous territory, the Hautes-Alpes is a department where some cities are classified among the highest in France in terms of altitude. The advantage of the Hautes-Alpes lies in the fact that there is little urbanization, and you can therefore enjoy plain and simple nature. Whether it is summer or winter, you'll be able to breathe fresh air. Discover all the same what are the must-see visits to the Hautes-Alpes. The village of La Grave allows you to discover snow-covered mountain hamlets at an altitude of 1525 metres, which will allow you to enjoy a total change of scenery. Grand Serre Che is an ideal destination for all ski lovers with 25 green, 33 blue, 42 red and 15 black runs on 250 km of slopes. You should also note that this place also allows you to practice other activities such as relaxing in outdoor hot water baths or visiting the Parc National des Écrins at an altitude of 2483 metres. It should be noted that this place is very touristy and attracts many tourists all year round. You may even see a chamois (a species of goat-antelope) with a little luck.

When to go to the Hautes-Alpes?

The Hautes-Alpes is a perfect destination in winter as well as in summer. In the end, you can leave whenever you want, whether to enjoy beautiful hikes in the sun or to hurtle down the ski slopes in the middle of the powder snow.


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