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Your host, Carlos

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  • Drinking water
  • Barbecue
  • Electricity
  • Swimming pool
  • Washing machine
  • Drying rack
  • Independent toilets
  • Wireless internet
  • Independent shower
  • Independent kitchen
  • Independent fridge
  • Bicycle storage
  • Picnic table
  • Closed land
  • Independent access
  • Train or Bus
  • Shops
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We welcome you to stay at our hostel style camping area. We have a solid campervan park that is a safe place for you to park your campervan. Next to the campervan park is a side area where you can pitch your tent (max. 10m2). We also have a garden where you can pitch smaller tents (max. 4m2 / 2-4 people). (The small tents need to rotate in over 2 night stays)

The camping has a relaxed hostel vibe and in high season we are very busy. As you will be sharing the amenities with about 50 other guests you may have to wait 10-15 minutes for a hot shower. (Depending on the time of day).
The sanitary block consists of 2 hot showers, 3 toilets and sinks area. Toilet paper and toiletries (shampoo, hand soap and shower gel) are provided. The sanitary block is open 24 hours. We maintain a strict routine to keep the sanitary block clean. During the night (22h30-7h30) the sanitary block doesn’t have maintenance.

If you enjoy being part of a “sharing-community” and you are able to give up some of your “intimate space” then this is the camping site for you!

The space between the vans is tight (minimum of 2m apart on some spots) but a small table and chairs still fit. We also provide 3 (shaded) community seating areas in the gardens.

We have fruit trees, chickens and chicks roaming, 5 friendly poodle dogs and a swimming pool (10m x 5m) you can enjoy. There is a community kitchen equipped with 2 gas cookers, 2 fridges (you can rent shelf area if needed !), microwave and all the necessary utensils, a toaster, kettle for coffee/tea, pots, pans, dishes, cups, glasses, cuttlery and basic ingredients (salt, pepper, spices) and recycling bins.

There is a laundry wash service available : €5/load. You can dry your clothes on several wire lines avaiable.

All property areas have very good Wi-Fi connection. In the kitchen and porch areas there are power outlets available for charging portable devices.
We are not allowed to provide electricity to tents, only for campervans with proper electrical system. We do not have a proper facility for black or grey waters, so decide if this works for you !

Sintra vintage camping has a relaxed, hostel style vibe and you have to decide if this suits you. We have guests that find the camping too busy and others that stay for numerous nights and that come back every year.

Important: Please inform the dimensions of your campervan (length and heigth) and also the dimensions of your tent before you arrive.
We do not accept large motorhomes and caravans. The campervans have to check-in before 17h00!

There are cafes, a bakery, restaurants, and 2 supermarkets within 4 minutes walking distance of the camping. We are only 3 km away from the Atlantic ocean, with many beaches, including Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande. These are great for surfing, with coastal cliffs that are good for hiking, and there is a natural pool, in Azenhas do Mar. We are 7 Km away from the centre of Sintra, where you can explore the castle, palaces, Quinta da Regaleira, and taste our many Portuguese treats. Lisbon is a 30 minute car ride away, or 40 minutes by train, from Sintra. Cabo da Roca is 13Km from our location.

The sanitary block consists of 2 hot showers, 3 toilets, sinks area and is provided with toilet paper and toiletries (shampoo, hand and shower gel).

Very Important: We do not have a proper facility for black or grey waters, so decide if this works for you !
We are not allowed to provide electricity to tents, only for campervans with proper electrical system.

There are cafes, restaurants, and grocery shops, within a 4 minutes walking distance. We are only 3 km away from the Atlantic ocean, with many beaches, including Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande great for surfing,coastal cliffs great for hiking, and even a natural pool, in Azenhas do Mar. We are 7 Km away from the centre of Sintra, where you must explore our castle, palaces, Quinta da Regaleira, and taste our many Portuguese treats. Lisbon is a 30 minute car ride away, or 40 minutes by train, from Sintra.

Check-in: 11h30-12h30 or 15h30-19h00*(for tents)
*Camping-car latest check-in: 17h00

Check-out: 8h00-11h30

The setting

The spaces avaiable for tent pitch are the garden areas and the caravan park area. Only small tents for 2-3 people (max. 4m2) will pitch in the garden area and need to rotate in over 2 night stays. All other tents ( max. 10 sqm ) can pitch in the caravan park area
«««««Please make sure you inform correctly how you will be camping either with a tent, or a van or a small caravan as to avoid any (email hidden)Only one unit with stay inside, all cars have free park outside unless it is a sleeping unit and for a minumum of 2 guests»»»»»

The spots

In the premises there are 4 tent ready for 2 people and 1 tent ready for 2-4 people. Gampers will set up their tents in the garden area if tent is 2-4 people size.
Any biggers tents will be installed in the Camper Park land beside the main garden/house area. All tents will have access to all amenities of the premises ( kitchen, wcs, porch area, tables, swimming pool ).

Please note we do not accept large motorhomes, caravans.

Please inform us of the length and height of your campervan and estimated time of arrival!

The sanitary facilities

The wc facilities are equipped with 2 hot showers ( shower gel/shampoo supplied ), double-sinks area, 3 toilets and are open 24 hours. For a shared areas of average 40-50 guests we maintain a strict routine to maintain the sanitary block clean. During the resting period 22h30-7h30 the sanitary facilities will have no maintenance.

The amenities

Wi-Fi all around premises including Camper Park.
Kitchen equipped with 2 gas cook-tops, 2 fridges ( shelf rental ), microwave, toaster, kettle for coffee/tea, pots and pans, dishes, cups, glasses and cuttlery and basic ingredients (salt, pepper, spices), recycling bins.
In the kitchen and porch areas there are power outlets available for charging portable devices.

The activities

The premises is located near beaches ( 4km ), natural salt-water pool Azenhas do Mar ( 3Km ), Sintra centre ( 7Km ), Lisbon centre ( 25Km ). The main attractions in Sintra will be the Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Castelo do Mouros, Monserrate Palace and others. Nearby Janas you have many beaches ( Praia das Maças, Praia Grande, Praia da Adraga and others ). Another main location is Cabo da Roca ( 13Km ).

Other things

We offer washing service at a cost of 5 euros and guests can dry the clothes in several wire lines avaiable.

Other observations:

For solo travellers the minimum stay is 2 nights!

Please note GPS will send you past the number of the premises, so look for a "YELLOW FLAG" and a white gate. Please note the tourist tax is to be paid at checkin.


Check-in : 11h30-12h30 and 15h30 to 19h00 *
* ( Campervans need to check-in until 17h)

Check-out : until 11h30

No smoking in tents, kitchen and wcs.

No music allowed through speaker.

Guests in tents must park the car outside along the walls of the property.

We cannot provide electricity to tents, only for campervans with proper electrical system.

For maximum comfort of all our guests we request guests to keep noise to minimum after 23h00 as to not disturb other guests.

Important Information:
From 12th-20th of August there is a music festival near the village so guests are informed that there will be live music until aprox. 01h00. While many of our guests enjoy visiting the festival please take this into consideration when booking your stay. The tourist tax per guest is to be paid at check-in.


Tent ready

We have tent ready for 2 or 4 people and guests interested can book the dates with normal rate and send us email requesting the upgrade for the tent ready ( minimum 2 nights ).
The tent is equipped for comfortable sleeping/camping experience as it includes a double air mattress, pillows, sleeping bags, extra blanket/duvet, bathing towels, small table and a camping torch. For this upgrade we charge an additional fee of 15 euros per day per guest for the tent ready for minimum 2 guests. For solo travellers we charge an additional fee of 30 euros per day for the tent ready (Upgrade to be paid by Paypal at reservation).


  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Clubs
  • Cultural visits
  • Events
  • Fishing
  • Horse-riding
  • Shopping
  • Surfing / Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Trails
  • Well-being
+ More



Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

119 reviews

Land & setting
  • small camping area, difficulty parking, also because first experience in van, but Carlos helped us with maneuvering. all facilities and Carlos always available.

  • I hadn't looked at the participants' comments until I got there...
    every cm2 is exploited.
    we pitched our tent after having swept up the multiple shit droppings, ... more than 9 camping cars packed one next to the other, leaving no corner to settle down... a great promiscuity....
    2 toilets and 2 showers for around sixty people!
    Avoid if you want a bit of peace and quiet...

  • We had a great family holiday with our 2 daughters aged 4 and 9. We stayed with Carlos for 10 days, and although we were aware that in the middle of August it's busy everywhere, we didn't feel it as intensely as we did elsewhere!

    Carlos has a large plot of land on which he welcomes holidaymakers looking for a different experience: communal living, animals on the premises, close to everything and in a charming little village.

    Reading some of the reviews on this platform, I realize that some people must not have read the whole advert before booking. Indeed, the space is shared, and on some days there's a bit of a wait for the shower, but as a family we've never waited more than 10 minutes. And simply put, if you can swim against the current and not do everything at the same time as everyone else, you end up with a kitchen to yourself, free showers and peace and quiet! And then there's the pool... a real treat for the girls! We felt a real sense of security and serenity, and for the parents who read me, vacations with children can sometimes be anything but vacations, so ours were quite pleasant!

    Carlos is a hard worker, working from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. to clean, tidy and make things as pleasant as possible for us. He's always ready to listen and give good advice! I felt sorry for him when I saw the lack of respect shown by many travellers who simply weren't cut out for life in a community: they didn't wash their dishes after cooking, left the gas cooker in an appalling state, didn't rinse the sink after brushing their teeth, let alone showering. If you recognize yourself, what on earth are you doing at home? A real lack of respect, without which the experience at Carlos would have been a thousand times more pleasant!

    In any case, if we had to do it all over again, we'd definitely come back!

    Thanks again Carlos for everything you've done, thanks for the warm welcome and take care of yourself!

    Mélissa, Saïd, Blue & Lise

  • Perfect
    Very welcoming and attentive to campers' needs
    Highly recommend

  • To be avoided when having an aperitif and when you can put your glass on the tire of the neighbouring camper van, it resumes everything.

  • Total deception. In the garden 18 tents and as many camper vans, minimum 100 people for 2 showers and 2 toilets.
    Total promiscuity. 30 cm into the tents and Carlos (the owner) crammed in as much as he could. Sanitary block + kitchen bric-a-brac.
    For everyone, there's only one electrical outlet attached to his house.
    It's just a money-making machine on the backs of the campers. We booked 4 nights based on the photos showing the garden, the mountains and the farm. This is far, far from reality.
    Doesn't even deserve one star. TO BE AVOIDED!

  • Place to flee. Overpriced, overcrowded.
    Not very clean. 2 toilets and 2 showers for 8 tents, 6 vans and 2 caravans!
    I'll pass on the chickens by the pool, the cat in the shower and the 4 dogs...
    The king of power strips on power strips...

    Everything we didn't want to see at the home.
    12 euros in cash on top of the reservation...supposedly for local taxes...
    Quite a scam...
    How can home campers accept such a place?

  • We arrived at Carlos' at the beginning of August. There were 2 showers and 3 toilets for at least 60 campers. He over-optimizes the premises to the detriment of the camper's well-being. The sanitary facilities leave a lot to be desired. It was the most expensive and least pleasant place we stayed in Portugal this year. It's a shame, because it's ideally located.

  • Catastrophic to flee. Tourist factory...! Less space than a parking lot. 2 unsanitary toilets 2 moldy showers. Kitchen stuck to toilet. We got stuck in the sand and Carlos yelled at us! Really unbelievable. Far from calm and friendly. Noisy and expensive. One van for 4. 50 eur plus 8 eur per day tax. Run away. No exaggeration I assure you...we were so seduced...the lure of money got the better of the initial benevolence described.

  • Everything perfect, recommended. Keep in mind that there are chickens everywhere and they can make their remains there. But the place is very nice

  • This could be a nice place if Carlos didn't crowd the campers. When we spent 3 nights here at the beginning of August, the campsite was already overcrowded, and it got worse on the second and third nights. The two showers and three toilets are not enough to properly accommodate the number of campers. The shared kitchen is a good idea and could be pleasant if campers were respectful of the place. When we arrived, the two gas stoves were filthy and remained so for the three days. The presence of animals could be pleasant in a farm campsite. Given the configuration of the small garden in which campers are welcomed, the presence of numerous dogs and chickens is a nuisance. Move on!

  • On the advert, the capacity indicated was 20 people...we were at least 60...tents one on top of the other and 2 showers and 3 toilets for everyone... We won't be back....

  • Great welcome from Carlos, we had a very good night. It has everything you need and is very clean!
    We also recommend the No ponto restaurant, a 4-minute walk from Carlos's (recommended by him), where we had a wonderful time.

  • Very good time at Carlos'. Very well located and all amenities are there.
    Carlos is available and helpful.
    A small problem with the showers, but it didn't spoil our stay.
    Thank you very much!

  • It was our first experience, Carlos was a 10 star host, friendly, always attentive and caring.

    As a note, there is a separate payment of two euros per person per day for a tax charged by Sintra, which is not included in the price.

  • A great decision to trust Carlos and stay in his house. Great attention, good atmosphere and everything you need to spend a few quiet days visiting the area. Close to beautiful beaches, Sintra.... Thank you very much Carlos and family!

  • Nice place and friendly host!

  • Arriving at Carlos, we were worried there wouldn't be space for us but Carlos had other ideas... we were nestled at the side of the house. Quiet and accessible to the vast amenities he provides. The family (including animals!) were very welcoming and hospitable and we really enjoyed our stay. We would definitely return! The kitchen is rustic, the showers are hot and the toilets are clean. everything you need (more than you need) when travelling in a Camper!! Thanks for a wonderful stay, and for all the laughs and late night convos, Carlos! Hope to meet again.

  • Carlos is an excellent host who made us feel very welcome and made sure that everything went well for us throughout our stay.

  • My stay was great! Carlos is very welcoming and warm, for a first time for me in this type of place it was great. The fully equipped kitchen is a real plus for someone traveling with the bare minimum and the free electricity was more than welcome.
    Sintra is accessible by bus at 5 min walk if you get up early in the morning, so no need to pay an Uber!
    If I come back to the area, I will gladly come back to Carlos' place.

  • Carlos was a kind host. It was a good experience.

  • An unforgettable stay, in a unique place in Portugal (micro climate); a family team led by a maestro (Carlos). Everything at your disposal, kitchen, bathrooms, toilets ... always clean thanks to Carlos and his team. I really do not understand the negative comments about this popular place of residence ... we meet people from all walks of life and the pool and the sun do the rest! full of unusual places to discover 4 or 5 km only. I liked the conviviality so I extended until the end of the month with a direct promotion on the spot on the price of the stay.
    Surfer's lovers perfect for it !!!!
    I highly recommend it. Good plan :)

  • To flee, attracts tourists for an exorbitant price!

  • We follow the general opinion, it is more of camping than home camping.
    A lot of people for very few sanitary facilities which are nevertheless clean.
    The presence of animals is pleasant but there is a lot of excrement on the tent site.

  • To be avoided! We found ourselves having to set up our mini-caravan in the driveway of the garage because it was so crowded. The garden surrounding the house was packed with tents! As a result, toilets and showers were insufficient and dirty, a lot of noise, all this for an exorbitant price! And a host not really welcoming and even surprised to see us... We had to wait many long minutes for him to find us a place, and for good reason....

  • It's not that different from a regular camping. I was expecting better from the installations. If you just focus on sleeping camp it's ok but even so the amount of dogs and chickens freely on the space just makes the grass not that clean if you know what I mean. The place is well located near lot's of cool beaches, with restaurants and grocery stores but the camping site has lot's of wasted potential. More cleanliness all around (WC, kitchen and open spaces) would make it top.

  • I had a very good stay at Carlos'.
    I met many nice people. I really like the spirit of meeting like in the youth hostels.
    It's even easier to exchange than in a youth hostel.
    I really liked the shopkeepers in Janas. A lovely and very friendly welcome.
    The proximity of the beach and Sintra make this place a place rich in discovery.
    Carlos makes sure that the place is 100% clean and Cyril ensures the good atmosphere and the welcome.
    I recommend this place

  • Very nice and well received :)

  • Great stay at Carlos' in Sintra. A big thank you to him for all his attentions, without forgetting his unavoidable assistant Cyril who always puts the good mood! Pace e salute

  • We were disappointed for several reasons:
    - Too many people (about 70 people) for only 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks (so not clean).
    - Hours of waiting in line to wash, especially when there are 4 of us in a family.
    - Lots of flies and mosquitoes, probably because of the chickens that can go everywhere in the garden.
    - The howling of the neighbors' dogs all night long.
    - 1 only multi-socket of 8 to recharge the telephones for 70 persons
    In short we thought to finish our stay on a camping in the inhabitant but it is nothing. We arrived in a garden where the tents are the ones stuck to the others and the vans of everywhere.
    The concept is perhaps well out of season.

  • Tourist factory where only the cash drawer counts! The capacity of reception not being respected, we were the ones on the others. Carlos does not take into account the comfort of the campers. It's a shame to be so little considered in a place registered on Homecamper.

  • Very good reception, pleasant place to meet people of all ages and nationalities. It's very convenient to visit Sintra and to go to the ocean, the pool is nice and the kitchen is very practical. It's just a little bit a pity that too many vans and tents are accepted by Carlos, which generates a little too much proximity and waiting at the shower and toilets.

  • Good reception overall, Cyril always answering our requests.
    Negative points too many people for home camping.
    But we had a good stay.

  • A big thank you to Carlos for this reception in spite of the world it is with the small care for you without forgetting Cyril which helped us to leave us sand because it was bogged down.
    It has all the conveniences (showers, WC, kitchen, refrigerator, freezer).
    We can only recommend it.
    In spite of a problem of my share at the time of the reservation, Carlos knew to find us a place for our Citroën Berlingot and our tent of roof.
    At the top again thank you Carlos and Cyril the next time we will return longer.


  • Totally agree with the previous message. We were well received but the site is a campsite, it is not a home camping in our opinion. Moreover the number of people per square meter is impressive, I pass on the queue to access the toilets.... Bad experience

  • Accustomed to campsites and different camping platforms with our small truck, I could not pass on this one without saying anything ... We had booked our stay with Carlos well in advance to allow us 2 nights of comfort in Sintra, in all tranquility, and at the sight of the announcement and the photos of the camp, we told ourselves that we were going to make a pleasure during our Portuguese journey (because the most expensive) but that it would do good ... and well it was the worst! No exchange possible before arriving (neither the day before, nor the day itself). Bad surprise when arriving, the camp being able to welcome 18 people, I stopped counting as the visit went on... no place for us, we had to place us in the way in front of the entrance gate (sloping). Carlos was supposed to put us back with the departure of a camper the next day, but he directly put a new arrival in its place. We were all on top of each other, with Carlos welcoming any passenger, from igloo tents to motorhomes over 7 meters long! Our neighbors (although charming) were all disappointed by their passage here. And as for the sanitary facilities and the wait for a small shower, we don't even talk about it...

  • Great place with all the amenities. Carlos and his assistant Cyril are very helpful and nice. I recommend the place.

  • Great place and great host, he is always attentive to any need of his guests. Very kind and considerate. Too bad I couldn't say goodbye when we left. A big hug business partner!

  • The place is nice with all accommodations needed. Carlos put a lot of efforts to organise everything and Cyril Isa really nice guy with good advices.
    the negative point: The place is really really crowded but with nice people.

  • Great location and lovely hosts! Best swimming pool we have been in during our trip!

  • The property is clean and functional. Very well equipped and maintained by Carlos, who is a great and helpful host. Only disadvantage are the roosters and birds who may wake you in the morning.

  • It was wonderful. Actually we had planned only one night as a stopover, however, Carlo's place has too much charm for only one night. Very comfortable due to the kitchen with equipment and the pool. Great base for exploring Sintra (we actually took an Uber there and back for 12€.) Carlos is an insanely good host, you have to like him.

  • We wanted to visit Sintra and we chose to sleep outside the center.
    We were welcomed very kindly by Carlos.

  • What can I say about our stay at Carlos' place... It was extraordinary! We stayed there for three nights and we felt like at home. Carlos is really a great person: he always has a word, an attention, a sympathetic gesture towards each traveler of passage at his place. The grounds are beautiful and the pool is a great pleasure. Here, everything is done to make your life easier. Carlos provides a fully equipped kitchen, several toilets, several showers, a great patio for outdoor dining, garden furniture, a barbecue and everything is extremely clean! It is paradise. There are also animals, each one more adorable than the other. Whether you come alone, as a couple, with friends or with family. Just come and enjoy. Thank you for everything Carlos, we will be back!

  • Top top Carlos is great perfect setting

  • Excellent camping, very kind and helpful host.

  • Perfect!!!

  • Great stay.
    The welcome is great. Above all, Carlos is a generous and pleasant person. In the exchange and the sharing, he explains with passion his way of life and his relationship with his environment. Farm, vegetable garden, orchard, too selective rigorous but without obligation... All this work done with abnegation ! An experience at Carlos' is, for those who want to hear it, an initiatory stay in the Portuguese culture and soul. As a citizen of the world, you and your children will be fulfilled if your goal is to discover more than just a place.
    Thank you and congratulations to you Carlos

  • This stay at Carlos' was perfect! The land is beautiful. We have everything at our disposal: shower, toilet, kitchen, pool, outdoor and indoor table to eat! Everything is in perfect condition! Carlos is busy from morning to night for the well-being of the campers. He is considerate and very friendly, we even extended our stay!
    I recommend him with my eyes closed and we will not fail to return there if we go back to Portugal!