Campsite Maine-et-Loire

How to find a campsite in the department of Maine-et-Loire?

If you want to travel to the western parts of France, the Maine-et-Loire department is a very good place to discover new sightings! Located in the Pays de la Loire region, the department hides some of the most unique sightings of the country, and HomeCamper is here to help you find the perfect outdoor garden to stay in! The HomeCamper hosts of the region will be stoked to welcome you into their gardens.

What to visit in the department of Maine-et-Loire?

Maine-et-Loire is a department with rich history, particularly with its many castles of the Loire Valley. Castles such as Brissac, Saumur or Brégé are among the must-see castles in Maine-et-Loire, as is Angers Castle. The castle of Angers, known as "King René's castle" impresses all its visitors from the top of its 17 towers. The Château d'Angers extends over more than 20,000m2. Its gardens are particularly pleasant. The castle also houses the museum of the Apocalypse tapestry where you can admire the largest medieval tapestry: the Apocalypse tapestry and its hundred meters long. The Château d'Angers makes the city of Angers a city of arts and history.
Angers is also a flowered city where life is good and has many parks such as its plant garden, its Demazis park or its par du Hutreau for example. While in Angers, we also recommend that you visit the Terra Botanica park and its 15,000m2 of greenhouses, which showcases nature.
The city of Cholet is also one of the beautiful cities to see, with its large café and municipal theatre located on Place Travot, or its Arcades Rougé district.
While in Maine-et-Loire, we also advise you to visit the small village of Montsoreau (its castle, its church St Pierre de Rest and its troglodyte houses with the Saut du Loup mushroom farm).
The Anjou region is also rich in landscapes. The Loire Anjou Touraine Regional Nature Park offers a wide variety of landscapes as well as beautiful walks, mountain biking, horse riding (5 specially designed circuits are available) or canoeing on the Vienne or Loire rivers. The natural sites in Beaufort-Gée or Brain sur l'Authion are to be seen.
Finally, while in Maine-et-Loire, we advise you to stop at the Haras National located in Lyon d'Angers (usually open from April to September).

When to go to Maine-et-Loire?

In order for you to enjoy rather warm weather during your stay in Maine-et-Loire, we recommend you to choose the months from May until September. The temperatures will be more suitable and there will be less risk of important rainfalls during that period.

Whether you own a caravan, a motorhome, or a van, get ready for a roadtrip filled with unique camping and sightseeing experiences!

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